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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

BUDDY GUY: Live at Checkerboard Lounge (Live - updated & upgraded)

Buddy Guy — Autor renovcevic @ 09:39

Track Listing
1. Buddy's Blues Part 1
2. Done Got Over You
3. I've Got a Right to Love My Woman
4. Tell What's Inside of You (Version One)
5. The Things I Used to Do
6. The Dollar Done Fell
7. Buddy's Blues Part 2
8. Get Up Get Down
9. Don't Answer the Door
10. Tell Me What's Inside of You (Version 2)











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Buddy Guy - A Man And The Blues (192 kbps)

Buddy Guy — Autor renovcevic @ 10:15


Album Details
Title: A Man and the Blues
Artist: Buddy Guy
Label: Ace
Released: January 1, 1968
Genre: Blues
Length: 37:51

1. A A Man and the Blues
2. I Can't Quit the Blues
3. Money (That's What I Want)
4. One Room Country Shack
5. Mary Had a Little Lamb
6. Just Playing My Axe
7. Sweet Little Angel
8. Worry, Worry
9. Jam on a Monday Morning






Bitrate: 192
Size: 35 MB



Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea (320 kbps)

Buddy Guy — Autor renovcevic @ 10:26


Album Details
Title: Sweet Tea
Artist: Buddy Guy
Label: Jive
Released: May 15, 2001
Genre: Blues

1. Done Got Old
2. Baby Please Don't Leave Me
3. Look What All You Got
4. Stay all Night
5. Tramp
6. She Got the Devil in Her
7. I Gotta Try You Girl
8. Who's Been Foolin' You
9. It's a Jungle Out There






Bitrate: 320
Size: 124 MB



Dr Feelgood - 25 Years of Dr Feelgood (1997)

Dr Feelgood — Autor renovcevic @ 16:32


40 tracks pursue the band from start to finish and beyond the final rush of cuts includes material from vocalist Lee Brilleaux's last ever live show (the full concert appears on the Down at the Doctors album), together with four more from On the Road Again, the reborn Doctor's first album with new vocalist Pete Gage. It's stirring, sterling stuff throughout. It begins with a clutch of songs drawn from the Wilco Johnson heyday, which put the band on the map and made punk rock a reality. From Album to album tracks have been carefully selected. Tracks include Roxette, She Does It Right, Back in the Night and I Can Tell.


01. She Does It Right
02. I Don't Mind
03. All Through The City
04. Keep It Out Of Sight
05. Roxette
06. I Can Tell
07. Sneakin' Suspicion
08. Back In The Night
09. Going Back Home
10. Riot In Cell Block #9
11. She's A Wind Up
12. That's It I Quit
13. Nighttime
14. Milk And Alcohol
15. Put Him Out Of Your Mind
16. Shotgun Blues
17. No Mo Do Yakamo
18. Jumping From Love To Love
19. Violent Love
20. Rat Race
21. Crazy 'bout Girls
01. Dangerous
02. Madman Blues
03. Dimples
04. Hunting Shooting Fishing
05. See You Later Alligator
06. King For A Day
07. Baby Jane
08. Sugar Turns To Alcohol
09. Down By The Jetty Blues
10. Double Crossed
11. Wolfman Callin'
12. One Step Forward
13. Roadrunner
14. Down At The Doctors
15. Heart Of The City
16. World Keeps Turning
17. Instinct To Survive
18. Goin' Out West
19. You Got Me

CD 1
CD 2

Muddy Waters - Sings "Big Bill" Broonzy (FLAC)

Muddy Waters — Autor renovcevic @ 05:28


Speakers Corner 180g Audiophile Vinyl [Chess LP-1444 LPx1]
Ripped in 24-bit/96 kHz | FLAC (seperate tracks) | ~ 595 mb
Recording: July and August 1959 in Chicago | Blues

Track Listings

1. Tell Me Baby
2. Southbound Train
3. When I Get to Thinking
4. Just a dream (On My Mind)
5. Double Trouble
6. I Feel So Good
7. I Done Got Wise
8. Mopper's Blues
9. Lonesome Road Blues
10. Hey, Hey

Muddy Waters - vocals & guitar
James Cotton – harmonica
Pat Hare – guitar
Otis Spann – piano
Andrew Stephenson – bass
Francey Clay – drums
Willie Smith - drums

Pass: aksman




Muddy Waters & Otis Spann - Collaboration (192 kbps)

Muddy Waters — Autor renovcevic @ 05:26


Many blues aficionados listen to Muddy Waters' classic Chicago blues sides of the '50s and '60s not only for his expressive vocals and searing slide guitar, but for pianist Otis Spann, who was almost without question the greatest pianist in the Chicago blues style. It was only his early death in 1970 at the age of 40 (when he was finally beginning to start his career as a bandleader in earnest) that kept Spann from becoming one of the best-known names in all of jazz. Equally at ease with tricky, jazz-inspired solos and two-fisted comping, Spann is a marvel to listen to, and although the emphasis of this live set is most often on Muddy Waters' vocals and guitar, Spann's barrelhouse rolls and inspired solos on blues classics like "Baby Please Don't Go," "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man," and "I Feel Like Going Home" more than justify his co-billing.

A long time friend sent me is 50 years old now. Hard to believe
that. Thanks Cheech (you wish you were only 50).

1 Long Distance Call
2 Baby Please Don't Go
3 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
4 Blues Before Sunrise
5 Rolling Stone
6 I Can't Be Satisfied
7 Blow Wind Blow
8 I Feel Like Going Home
9 Walking Through The Park
10 Lovin' Stuff (Encore)

Year: 1995
Label: Tomato Music
Country: USA
Bitrate: 192 kbps

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Dr. Feelgood - 1979 Let It Roll

Dr Feelgood — Autor renovcevic @ 06:02

Artist: Dr. Feelgood
Album: Let It Roll
Release Date: 1979
Label: United Artists
Time: 40:19
Styles: Rock & Roll, Pub Rock

1  Java Blue  (Danko)  4:31  
2  Feels Good  (Mayo, Wingfield)  3:25  
3  Put Him Out of Your Mind  (Mayo, Vernon)  3:50  
4  Bend Your Ear  (Brilleaux, Mayo)  4:02  
5  Hong Kong Money  (Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks, Wingfield)   4:37  
6  Keeka Smeeka  (Mayo)  4:02  
7  Shotgun  (Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)  6:28  
8  Pretty Face  (Boyle, Daneski, Sandall, Worman)  2:32  
9  Ridin' on the L & N  (Burley, Hampton)  3:32  
10  Drop Everthing and Run  (Foster, Vernon, Wingfield)  3:20

Lee Brilleaux - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals  
 Roy Davies - Organ  
 Mike Deacon - Piano  
 Steve Gregory - Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)  
 Figure Martin - Drums  
 John Mayo - Guitar  
 John B. Sparks - Bass  
 Mike Vernon - Producer  
 Geraint Watkins - Piano  
 Pete Wingfield - Piano

Muddy Waters - Hard Again

Muddy Waters — Autor renovcevic @ 05:23

1. Mannish Boy
2. Bus Driver
3. I Want to Be Loved
4. Jealous Hearted Man
5. I Can't Be Satisfied
6. Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock & Roll (#2)
7. Deep Down in Florida
8. Crosseyed Cat
9. Little Girl







m4a format at 320


John Lee Hooker - Folklore

John Lee Hooker — Autor renovcevic @ 06:55




1. Tupelo
2. I'm Mad Again
3. I'm Goin' Upstairs
4. Want Ad Blues
5. Five Long Years
6. I Like To See You Walk
7. Hobo, The
8. Hard Headed Woman
9. Wednesday Evening Blues
10. Take Me As I Am
11. My First Wife Left Me
12. You're Looking Good Tonight 





Dr. Feelgood - 1981 On the Job

Dr Feelgood — Autor renovcevic @ 05:14


Artist: Dr. Feelgood
Album: On the Job
Release Date: 1981
Label: Liberty
Time: 35:26
Styles: Rock & Roll, Pub Rock

1  Drives Me Wild  (Brilleaux, Fasterly, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)  2:49 
2  Java Blue  (Danko)  3:58 
3  Jumping from Love to Love  (Brilleaux, Fasterly, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)   3:06 
4  Pretty Face  (Boyle, Daneski, Sandall, Worman)  2:45 
5  No Mo Do Yakamo  (Krekel)  2:07 
6  Love Hound  (Linde, Rush)  2:59 
7  Best in the World  (Lowe)  2:32 
8  Who's Winning  (Brilleaux, Lowe, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)  2:07 
9  Ridin' on the L & N  (Burley, Hampton)  3:23 
10  A Case of the Shakes  (Brilleaux, Fasterly, Mayo)  3:07 
11  Shotgun Blues  (Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)   5:48 
12  Goodnight, Vienna  (Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)  :45 

The Big Figure - Drums, Vocals 
Lee Brilleaux - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals 
John Mayo - Guitar 
John B. Sparks - Bass

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