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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Charlie Musselwhite - Mellow-Dee

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:18




Album: Mellow-Dee @256. Not my rip. Covers included. Size: 81,1MB


01 - Hey. Miss Bessie
02 - Need My Baby
03 - I'll Get A Break
04 - Peach Orchard Mama
05 - Ask Me Nice
06 - Come Back Baby
07 - Coming Home, Baby
08 - Baby. Please Don't Go
09 - Lotsa Poppa
10 - Steady On Your Trial
11 - Can't You See What Your'e Doing To Me
12 - Christo Redemptor [Slight Return]

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Charlie Musselwhite - Delta Hardware ‘2006

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 00:18

Harp | APE+CUE+LOG 242 Mb | mp3 VBR V0 73 Mb | 3% r/i | RIP: CD

Church Is 0ut
One 0f These Mornings
B1ack Water
C1arksdale Boogie
Just A Feeling
Gone Too Long
Invisible 0nes
Town To Town
B1ues For Yesterday

Chris “Kid” Andersen Guitar
Randy Bermudes Bass
Miles Ward Photography
Jimmy Hoyson Engineer, Mixing
Charlie Musselwhite Bass, Harmonica, Guitar (Electric), Vocals




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Charlie Musselwhite - Memphis Charlie (Arhoolie,1989)

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 13:24




Recorded in 1971 & 1974.

“Musselwhite's biting lines, dramatic singing style and overall colorful stage presence have made him a star among fans who flocked to him in the '60s and '70s. Half of these 14 songs were included on Takin' My Time with the rest taken from Goin' Back Down South. Both are excellent sets. The former includes sparkling guitar support from Robben Ford while the latter boasts the always formidable piano of Lafayette Leake. Musselwhite covers anthems from Little Walter, Willie Dixon, and Johnny Young, but he also does several originals, among them 'Up and Down the Avenue,' 'On the Spot Boogie,' and 'Highway Blues.' His voice has deepened some since the early '70s when these were recorded, but his booming harmonica licks are still easily identifiable” (Ron Wynn — Living Blues)

1. It Ain't Right
2. Finger Lickin'Good
3. Up And Down The Avenue
4. Highway Blues
5. Wild, Wild Woman
6. Takin' My Time
7. Crazy For My Baby
8. Blue Steel
9. Take Me Back
10. This Old Nightlife
11. Taylor's, Arkansas
12. Cut You Loose
13. If Trouble Was Money
14. On The Spot Boogie

Bit Rate: VBR V2 Standard
Audio Quality: Very High (Lossy)
Encoder: Lame 3.96





Charlie Musselwhite - Takin' My Time (Arhoolie LP1056, 1971)

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:41

Vinyl Rip

Another highly talented and original ensemble -- Rose still on piano, with the Ford brothers (Pat and Robben), on drums and guitar, respectively. Again, Rose contributes an original departure, the solo piano ballad "Two Little Girls" -- and, as usual, it is to Charlie's credit that he welcomed such far-from-blues mood swings. Otherwise, the band's (especially Robben's) jazzier leanings were checked at the studio door


1. It Ain't Right (2) *
2. Love Me Or Leave Me (1) **
3. Finger Lickin' Good (1)
4. Two Little Girls (2)
5. Up And Down The Avenue (1) *


1. Highway Blues (2) *
2. Wild Wild Woman (2) *
3. Takin' My Time (2)

Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica and vocal on (*)
William 'Skip' Rose - piano
Robben Ford - guitar and vocal on (**)
Patrick Ford - drums
Gerald Pederson - bass

Session (1) recorded at Sierra sound Studios, Berkeley, CA, January 19th, 1971
Session (2) recorded at Sierra sound Studios, Berkeley, CA, February 3rd, 1971
All recordings were made live with no overdubbing.
Produced by Chris Strachwitz

Cover Sleeve, Front & Back

(VBR v-0 Extreme Lame 3.97 - 70MB)

Charlie Musselwhite - Goin' Back Down South (Arhoolie LP1074,1974) With Lafayette Leake

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:36

Charlie is heard playing guitar on a recording for the first time on this album, following his first-ever "public" performance on the instrument at a blues class at Stanford University. "Blue Steel" is Charlie's nod in the direction of the late Earl Hooker. He learned "Taylor's Arkansas" from John Lee Granderson, a Chicago street singer.


1) Crazy For My Baby (1)
2) Blue Steel (2)
3) Take Me Back (2)
4) Blue Stu (1)


1) This Old Night Life (2)
2) Taylor's Arkansas (2)
3) Cut You Loose (2)
4) If Trouble Was Money (2)
5) On the Spot Boogie (2)

Charlie Musselwhite vocal/harmonica (Guitar on A-2 & B-2)
Lafayette Leake piano (2)
Skip Rose piano (1)
Robben Ford guitar (A-1) and sax on (A-4)
Tim Kaihatsu guitar (2)
Larry Martin drums (2)
Pat Ford drums (1)
Karl Sevareid bass (2)
Gerald Pederson bass (1)

Session (1) recorded at Sierra sound Studios, Berkeley, CA, January 19th, 1971
Session (2) recorded at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco, CA, August 24th, 1974

Cover Sleeve, Front & Back

(VBR v-0 Extreme Lame 3.97 - 71MB)

Charlie Musselwhite - Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:27

Drummer-label head Pat Ford reunited with Charlie and brought along brother Robben on guitar, producing this return to form. Charlie is up to the task in all departments -- singing, playing (great tone), and especially songwriting (the title tune and "Seemed Like the Whole World Was Crying," and inspired by Muddy Waters's death) - but it had been a while since Robben had played lowdown blues (touring with Joni Mitchell, putting in countless hours in L.A. studios). Pianist Clay Cotten is in fine form, and it may have been wiser to give the guitar chair to Tim Kaihatsu, who by this time had seniority (in terms of hours on the bandstand with Musselwhite) over any of Charlie's alumni. The to-be-expected-by-now deviations this time out: Don & Dewey's "Stretchin' Out," an impressive chromatic harp rendering of "Exodus," and Charlie's solo guitar outing, "Baby-O." Easily Charlie's best-engineered album, nice job, Greg Goodwin. Dan Forte, AMG

01. Hello Stranger (3:09)
02. Seemed Like The Whole World Was Crying (5:15)
03. Baby-O (3:27)
04. Still A Stranger (3:41)
05. Kid Man Blues (3:10)
06. I'll Get a Break Someday (2:45)
07. Stretching Out (3:45)
08. Where Have All The Good Times Gone (7:30)
09. Going Away Baby (4:20)
10. Exodus (1:40)

Charlie Musselwhite .. vocal & harmonica
Robben Ford .. guitar
Clay Cotton .. piano
Steve Ehrman .. bass
Patrick Ford .. drums

Recorded in San Francisco, 1983 & 84;
Produced by Patrick Ford
© 1992 Blue Rock-It Records

Bit rate: Vbr Kbps; 69.0 Mb;
Covers: front, in, back


Charlie Musselwhite - Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:25


This recording was made the hardest way - by eliminating the tape recorder and recording live directly on to the master lacquer.
Each side of this recording was cut without stopping and without the possibility of making any changes or corrections.
No re-mixing, no over-dubbing and no re-recording.

1. Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough
2. Help Me
3. Big Leg Woman
4. Nightclub
5. Help Yo'self
6. Sloppy Drunk

Charlie Musselwhite .. vocal & harmonica
Eugene Blacknell .. rhythm guitar
Darell Broadnax .. bass
Big John Evans .. drums
Steven B. Jones .. drums (3)
William Skip Rose .. piano
Johnny Hartsman .. lead guitar
Bobby Forte .. tenor sax
Pee Wee Ellis .. baritone sax
John Turk .. trumpet

Recorded 1978 at Crystal Clear Studios, Berkeley, Ca.
Produced by Ed Wodenjak & Tom Wiggins.
© 1978 Crystal Clear Records

Bit rate: 192 Kbps; (high quality Lp-rip)
Covers: front

Charlie Musselwhite - Curtain Call Cocktails

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 21:22




Album: Curtain Call Cocktails @256, Not my rip. Covers included. Size: 128.4MB


01 - Cuitain Call Blast Off (Live)
02 - Everybody Needs Somebody (Live)
03 - I'm Goin' Home
04 - Storm Warning (Live)
05 - The Walkin' Blues (Live)
06 - This Little Voice (Live)
07 - She Used To Be Beautiful (Live)
08 - Cristo Redentor (Live)
09 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Live)
10 - Comin' Home, Baby (Live)
11 - Candy Kitchen (Live)
12 - Tick Tock (Live)
13 - Trouble No More (Live)




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Charlie Musselwhite - Tennessee Woman (1969) U.S.A.

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 20:30



1- Tennessee Woman
2- Blue Felling Today
3- A Nice Day For Something
4- Everybody Needs Someday
5- I Don't Play, I'll Be Your Man Some Day
6- Christo Redemptor
7- Little By Little
8- I'm A Stranger









Charlie Musselwhite - Takin Care of Business

Charlie Musselwhite — Autor renovcevic @ 20:27



1. Louisiana Fog
2. Takin' Care Of Business
3. Big Legged Woman
4. Riffin'
5. Leavin'
6. Just A Little Bit
7. Fell On My Knees
8. Directly From My Heart
9. FatCity








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