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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

CAREY BELL & LOUISIANA RED - Brothers in Blues @320K

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 04:19


His place on the honor roll of Chicago blues harpists long ago assured, Carey Bell truly came into his own in the '90s as a bandleader with terrific discs for Alligator and Blind Pig. He learned his distinctive harmonica riffs from the Windy City's very best (both Walters -- Little and Big -- as well as Sonny Boy Williamson II), adding his own signature effects for good measure (an otherworldly moan immediately identifies many of his more memorable harp rides).
Born Carey Bell Harrington in the blues-fertile state of Mississippi, he was already playing the harp when he was eight and working professionally with his godfather, pianist Lovie Lee, at 13. The older and more experienced Lee brought Carey with him to Chicago in search of steady musical opportunities in 1956. Gigs frequently proved scarce, and Carey eventually took up electric bass, playing behind Robert Nighthawk, Johnny Young, and his mentor Big Walter Horton. Finally, in 1969, Bell made his debut album (on harp) for Delmark, and he was on his way.

Louisiana Red (born Iverson Minter) is a flamboyant guitarist, harmonica player and vocalist. He lost his parents early in life through multiple tragedies; his mother died of pneumonia a week after his birth, and his father was lynched by the Klu Klux Klan when he was five. Red began recording for Chess in 1949, then joined the army. After his discharge, he played with John Lee Hooker in Detroit for almost two years in the late '50s. He maintained a busy recording and performing schedule through the 1990s, having done sessions for Chess, Checker, Atlas, Glover, Roulette, L&R and Tomato among others. --- by Bill Dahl & Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

After a While / Easy (When I Lost My Baby) / Girl From Westpoint / House Rent Party / I Want to Sail A Ship Across the Desert / Rambling Around / When A Woman Gets in Trouble / Country Playboy / Blues with A Feeling / Sweet Geneva / My Friend Carey / Mean Old Frisco.

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Carey Bell - Live at Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival, 1999

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 04:17


01. Intro
02. Honky Tonk
03. Low Down Dirty Shame
04. Leaving in The Morning
05. Better Break It Up
06. Lonesome Stranger
07. When I Get Drunk
08. Broken & Hungry
09. My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble
10. Mellow Down Easy
11. Jawbreaker
12. Outro

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Steve Jacobs - Guitar
Tom Anderson - Bass
Tom Parker - Drums

Recorded at Bellinzona Piazza
Blues Festival on June 25, 1999;
© 1999 Roy Records

Bit rate: 192 Kbps
Covers: front, back

Carey Bell & Spike Ravenswood - Blues Encore

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 04:15


Tracking List :

01 - Pretty Baby
02 - Here I Am
03 - Honey Bee Sail On
04 - Whee Baby Blues
05 - When I Get Drunk
06 - I Want You To Love Me
07 - When I First Met You Baby
08 - Heartaches And Pain
09 - I Got My Brand On You
10 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
11 - Stop Breakin' Down

Musicians :
Carey Bell : vocals, harmonica
Spike Ravenswood : vocals, guitar

Recorded in Prague April 17th, 1994
(tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,11)

Recorded in Chicago January 3-4, 1994
(tracks 7,9,10)

File Size : 84 Mb
bitrate : 224 kbps
with covers


Carey Bell Meets The Cat - Last Night (Chrisly Records,1998)

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 04:11


Re-named reissue of original cd "Carey Bell Meets The Cat - Breakdown Blues Live (CMA,1991)"
Recorded live in Germany; 1991

1.Shuffle In E
2.Short Dress Woman
3.I`m A Dangerous Girl
4.I Want You To Love Me
5.Blue Monday
6.Brought Up The Hard Way
7.She`s Nineteen Years Old
8.You Get Me Nowhere
9.Too Late
10.Lumbago Blues
11.Last Night

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Christine 'The Cat' Vogel - Vocals, Piano & Organ
Stefan Scholz - Tenor Sax & Back Vocals
Thomas Huebner - Bass & Back Vocals
James Bell - Drums & Percussion
Jurgen Schottenhamml - Guitar

Covers included

(VBR Lame 3.90 - 100MB)



Carey Bell - Deep Down

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 04:08


More than a quarter century after he cut his debut album, Bell recently made his finest disc to date. Boasting superior material and musicianship (guitarists Carl Weathersby and Lurrie Bell and pianist Lucky Peterson are all stellar) and a goosed-up energy level that frequently reaches incendiary heights, the disc captures Bell outdoing himself vocally on the ribald "Let Me Stir in Your Pot" and a suitably loose "When I Get Drunk" and instrumentally on the torrid "Jawbreaker." For a closer, Bell settled on the atmospheric Horton classic "Easy"; he does it full justice. Bill Dahl, AMG

01. I Got To Go 3:56
02. Let Me Stir In Your Pot 3:42
03. When I Get Drunk 5:16
04. Low Down Dirty Shame 4:29
05. Borrow Your Love 3:59
06. Lonesome Stranger 4:03
07. After You 3:41
08. I Got A Rich Man's Woman 4:43
09. Jawbreaker 2:57
10. Must I Holler? 7:00
11. Tired Of Giving You My Love 3:49
12. Easy 4:44

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Carl Weathersby - Guitar
Lurrie Bell - Guitar
Lucky Peterson - Piano
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass
Ray 'Killer' Allison - Drums

Recorded in Chicago, Illinois.
Produced by Carey Bell,
Bruce Iglauer & Scott Dirks
© 1995 Alligator Records

Bit rate: Vbr Kbps;
Covers: front, back

Carey Bell - Harpmaster

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:48


If you like Carey Bell you will want to find this one an exelent recording
great songs classic Carey. Not a bad song on this one find it. Ronnie Cowlishaw

01. Hoochie Coochie Man 7:05
02. Smokin' Dynamite 5:25
03. Second Hand Man 7:41
04. Crosscut Saw 6:46
05. Leaving in The Morning 4:45
06. I'm Your 44 6:04
07. Going Back To Louisiana 4:50
08. Everybody Wants To Win 6:05
09. I'm Ready 3:50
10. Nineteen Years Old 4:50
11. You're Gonna Get Lucky 2:51
12. Sail On 5:20

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Lurrie Bell - Vocals & Guitar
Richard Studholme, Pete Allen & Norman Beaker - Guitar
Dave Bainbridge & Jack Hills - Keyboards
Tyson Bell, Julian Taylor & Chip O'Connor - Bass
James Bell, Geoff Nichols & Tim Franks - Drums
Steve Bell - Harmonica; Lenni - Tenor Sax

Recorded 1988-1990 in Chicago & London;
Produced by Rab Noakes, Dave Shannon,
Lurrie Bell, Carey Bell & John Stedman
© 1994 JSP Records

Bit rate: 192 Kbps; 93.0 Mb;
Covers: front


Carey & Lurrie Bell with Junkyard Angels - Straight Shoot

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:46



BSW 0001
Veryhard to find album by master harp Carey Bell with his son Lurrie, and backup by the england band Junkyard Angels. Recorded in only 1 day in england. release by BSW (Blues South West) label in 1987, recorded in 1986

01. Mystery Train
02. One More Chance
03. Detroit Michigan
04. I Want You To Love Me
05. So Tired Of Being Alone
06. I Need Your Love So Bad
07. Easy To Love You
08. A Man And The Blues
09. Piccadilly Square
10. I'm Ready

no covers

Carey Bell's Blues Harp Band with Lurrie Bell - Goin' on Main Street

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:43


Originally recorded for Germany's L+R label in 1982, this studio date for Carey Bell's Blues Harp Band finds the group stretching out on seven lengthy blues jams. Son Lurrie Bell contributes some nice licks, including a tortured solo to close out a nearly ten-minute version of "I Am Worried," and other son Carey Bell Jr. anchors the rhythm section on electric bass. John Bush, AMG

01. Goin' on Main Street (3:55)
02. I Am Worried (9:40)
03. Heartaches and Pain (6:27)
04. Easy To Love You (7:27)
05. Train Ticket (4:40)
06. When a Woman Get in Trouble (6:23)
07. Tribute To Big Walter (4:13)
Bonus 1:
08. I Need You So Bad (7:21)
09. Man and The Blues (7:03)
Bonus 2:
10. When I Lay Down To Rest (5:35)
11. Who's Louisiana Red (3:45)
12. Reagan Is for The Rich Man (2:49)
Bonus 3:
08. Blues Harp Blues By Three (6:38)

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Lurrie Bell - Vocals & Guitar
Elisha 'Eli' Murray - Guitar
Tom Zydron - Keyboards
Carey Bell Jr. - Bass Guitar
Theodore 'Dino' Davies - Drums

Billy Branch - Harmonica(7)
Hubert Sumlin - Guitar (8,9)
Bob Stroger - Bass (8,9)
Odie Payne - Drums (8,9)
Louisiana Red - Vocals & Guitar(10-12)
Billy Branch - Harmonica (Bonus 3)
Phil Wiggins - Harmonica (Bonus 3)

Tracks (1-7) recorded in Chicago, 1982;
Tracks (8-12) recorded in Germany, 1981-1983;
Produced by Horst Lippmann

Tracks (01 - 07): Goin' on Main Street, © 1982 L&R Records
Tracks (01 - 09): Goin' on Main Street, © 1994 Evidence Records
Tracks (01 - 12): Goin' on Main Street, © 1994 L & R Records
Tracks (01 - 07, Bonus 3, 9 - 12): Goin' on Main Street, © 1994 Bellaphon Records

Bit rate: Vbr Kbps;
Covers: front, inlay, cd, back (thanks to sussex)

Goin' on Main Street, (01 - 12)

Goin' on Main Street, (Bonus 3)


Carey & Lurrie Bell - Gettin' Up: Live at Buddy Guy's Legends Rosa's & Lurrie's Home

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:40


This brilliant effort by Carey Bell and his son Lurrie Bell, both of whom are blues legends, almost did not take place. Carey suffered a minor stroke and broke his hip, spending four months in the hospital. Three days after he left the hospital, he was on his way to Chicago to perform at a concert with Lurrie. Although still in a wheelchair, Carey is heard throughout at the peak of his powers, taking powerful and inventive harmonica solos along with most of the vocals. Lurrie's guitar work is excellent and he sings on "Baby Please Don't Go." There are two live sessions with a rhythm section, three numbers that were recorded at Lurrie's home as intimate duets between father and son, and a solo "Stand by Me" by Lurrie Bell for his wife. This is a classic and memorable program that is highly recommended to fans of Chicago blues and Carey and Lurrie Bell. Scott Yanow, AMG

01. What My Mama Told Me (5:52)
02. Gettin' Up (7:27)
03. Baby Please Don't Go (3:44)
04. Bell's Back (4:13)
05. One Day (5:59)
06. Leaving in The Morning (3:06)
07. Last Night (8:01)
08. Low Down Dirty Shame (5:23)
09. Broke and Hungry (6:54)
10. When I Get Drunk (4:53)
11. Short Dress Woman (5:17)
12. Stand by Me (2:39)

Carey Bell - Harmonica & Vocals
Lurrie Bell - Guitar & Vocals
Bob Stroger - Bass
Joe Thomas - Bass
Kenny Smith - Drums

Recorded live at: Buddy Guy's Legends,
Rosa's & Lurrie's Home, 2006;
Produced by
Robert G. Koester & Steve Wagner
© 2007 Delmark Records

Bit rate: VbrKbps;
Covers: front

Carey Bell & Tough Luck - Mellow Down Easy

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:38


Harmonica master Carey Bell serves up deep, unadulterated blues in the style of his now-departed mentors Big Walter Horton, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter Jacobs. There's no doubt about his ability to convey that downhome blues feeling, evoking images of the classic, dimly-lit, smoky clubs of Chicago lore. Bill Dahl, All Music Guide

01. Short Dress Woman 3:15
02. Delta Time 3:34
03. Five Long Years 3:47
04. Mellow Down Easy 2:58
05. For The Love Of A Woman 3:13
06. Just Like You 4:14
07. Walkin' Thru The Park 2:42
08. St. Louis Blues 4:37
09. That Spot Right There 3:35
10. Big Walter Strut 3:19
11. One Day 3:12
12. So Easy To Love You 5:28
13. Walkin' By Myself 3:08

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Steve Jacobs - Guitar
Brian McGregor - Bass
Buddy Grandell - Drums
Lips Lackowitz - Harmonica (2)
Kevin McKendree - Organ (9)

Recorded at Wizard Works, Beltsville, MD
Produced by Jerry del Giudice
Mark Hurwitz & Steve Jacobs
© 1991 Blind Pig Records

Bit rate: Vbr Kbps;
Covers: front, cd, back


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