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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Debbie Davies - Blues Blast (2007)

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:41



Personnel :

Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica
Tab Benoit - guitar
CoCo Montoya
Bruce Katz - Hammond b-3 organ
Per Hanson - drums
Debbie Davies - guitar
Rod Carey - bass guitar

@192 mp3 with covers

1. A.C. Strut (Coco Montoya)
2. My Time After Awhile (Coco Montoya)
3. Sittin' and Cryin' (Coco Montoya, Charlie Musselwhite)
4. Movin' & Groovin' (Charlie Musselwhite)
5. Crawling King Snake (Tab Benoit)
6. Howlin' For My Darlin' (Tab Benoit)
7. Like You Was Gone (Coco Montoya)
8. Where the Blues Come To Die (Coco Montoya, Tab Benoit, Charlie
9. Sonoma Sunset (Coco Montoya, Tab Benoit, Charlie Musselwhite)




Debbie Davies - Key To Love: A Celebration of the Music of John Mayall

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:59



A tribute to British blues master John Mayall by a modern electric American blues performer like Debbie Davies makes perfect sense. For better or (sadly more often) worse, singer and keyboardist Mayall and his succession of lead guitarists led by future UK blues-rock superstars Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) and Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) have profoundly influenced generations of American blues-rockers far more than homegrown stars like Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf. Debbie Davies' rather watered-down blues-rock style is a perfect example of Mayall's influence, and actually, Key To Love turns out to be one of her most enjoyable and genuinely bluesy efforts. Things start promisingly with the sly Mose Allison-like piano shuffle "Light the Fuse," and both Green and Taylor drop in to provide guest solos; Green's plangent wails on the organ-driven "Nature's Disappearing" are probably the best playing on the entire album. In the context of a fine selection of some of Mayall's best (and, refreshingly, mostly not his best-known) tunes, the two Davies originals, the snide "Takin' It All to Vegas" and the clichйd "I Just Came To Play," sound like unnecessary afterthoughts. ---by Stewart Mason

1. Light The Fuse (2:58)
2. Chicago Line (w James Cotton) (3:35)
3. Hard Road (w Mick Taylor) (4:52)
4. Room To Move (w James Cotton) (3:34)
5. Takin' It All To Vegas (3:14)
6. Dream About The Blues (5:40)
7. Key To Love (3:14)
8. I Should Know Better (4:44)
9. I'm A Sucker For Love (3:21)
10. Steppin' Out (2:21)
11. Nature's Disappearing (w Peter Green) (4:07)
12. I Just Came to Play (3:35)

Year : 2003
Bitrate : 192K/s
Total Playing Time: 45:19
Total Size : 62.3 MB


Debbie Davies - Loose Tonight

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:57



Davies' second album, Loose Tonight, contains the same high-octane blues, R&B, and rock & roll as her first, only delivered with a slightly rougher edge. The roughness kick-starts the record into high gear, which means Loose Tonight delivers just as many thrills as Picture This. ---by Thom Owens

1. I Don't Want No Man (3:39)
2. Wrong Man For Me (5:02)
3. Where The Blues Come To Die (4:55)
4. Give It Up (3:41)
5. Can't Go On This Way (6:00)
6. You Were Wrong (3:04)
7. This Man Is Killn' Me (4:43)
8. I Get The Blues So Easy (4:38)

9. I Like The Life (3:56)
10. A Mother's Blues (4:52)
11. You Don't Know What You're Doing (2:16)

Year : 1994
Bitrate : 128K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Total Playing Time: 46:52
Total Size : 42.9 MB

Debbie Davies – Live! 2005

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:54



Label: Debbie Davies
Year: 2005
Size: 125 mb
256 k/bits
Cover: Scanned & Included In Zip file

1. Chicago Line
2. Leading Me Hoe
3. Takin’ It All To Vegas
4. Can’t Go On This Way
5. Can’t Live Like This No More
6. Just Stepped In The Blues
7. Made Right In The USA
8. Don’t Take Advantage Of Me
9. Blue And Lonesome
10. Half Caf Decaf
11. Percolatin

Debbie Davies – Vocals & Guitar
A.J. Hager – Bass
Don Castagno – Drums
Roy Rodriques – Keyboards

Note: I purchased this cd straight from Debbie, hence the autographed cover, at a show in Pawling, NY. The live cd is from her tour in 2005. Another cover of the same cd can be found at her web site.



Debbie Davies - All I Found (2005)

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:52




1.Made Right in the USA
2.One More Time
4.All I Found
6.I Won't Be Your Baby Too Long
7.So What
8.Comfort Zone
9.Every Breath I Take
10.Trying to Keep It Real
11.What Do You See in That Girl





Pass: levente


Debbie Davies - Tales From The Austin Motel

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:50



Label: Shanachie Records
Year: 1999
Size: 791. mb
256 k/bits
Cover: Included In Zip file

1. Just Stepped In The Blues
2. I Want To Be Loved
3. Bald Headed Baby
4. Watch Out What You Do
5. I Just Want To Make Love To You
6. As The Years Go Passing By
7. I'm A Woman
8. Half Caf-Decaf
9. Atras De Tus Ojos :: Behind Your Eyes
10. When You Were Gone
11. Percolatin'
12. Walking By Myself

Personnel includes: Debbie Davies (vocals, guitar); Tommy Shannon (bass); Chris Layton (drums).

CMJ 7/26/99, p.28 - "...Davies is one of the shining lights that keeps the modern-day blues scene vital and exciting. This landmark of an album is certainly one of the best blues records of 1999."
Dirty Linen (2-3/00, p.85) - "...a rough-hewn voice and the chops to grind out some brassy on her Fender....shows she has a lot of promise not only as a guitarist, but as a songwriter and stylist."

Debbie Davies - Picture This

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:48



01. Picture This [04:01]
02. Don't Take Advantage Of Me [04:44]
03. 24 Hour Fool [04:41]
04. I Wonder Why (You're So Mean To Me) [04:21]
05. Livin' On Lies [03:52]
06. Better Off With The Blues [05:40]
07. Sidetracked [03:31]
08. Lovin' Cup [04:55]
09. Buzz Me [03:27]
10. San-Ho-Zay [04:20]
11. How Long Till I Win Your Love? [05:16]
12. Going Back To Iuka [04:06]





Debbie Davies - I Got That Feeling

Debbie Davies — Autor renovcevic @ 04:46



Track List

1.: Howlin' At The Moon
2.: Tired Angels
3.: I Got That Feeling
4.: Watch Your Step
5.: Let The Heartaches Begin
6.: Lucky In Love
7.: Bad For Me
8.: Where You Keep The Love In This Town
9.: Rockin' You Baby
10.: Homework
11.: Talk To Me
12.: I Could Get Used To This





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