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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Big Harmonica Bob - Nothin' But The Blues (2003)

Big Harmonica Bob — Autor renovcevic @ 03:03


Big Harmonica Bob, Nothin' But The Blues
Audio CD
Disk ID: 1643605
Disk length: 40m 29s (10 Tracks)
Original Release Date: 2003

Tracks & Durations
1. Beach Fest Boogie 5:02
2. Stormy Monday 5:45
3. .08 Seconds 0:08
4. Scratch My Back 3:47
5. My Babe 4:13
6. It Ain't Necessarily So 6:11
7. Can't Find My Baby 6:03
8. I'm Your Professor Baby 5:58
9. Harp Battle Mambo 2:54
10. 11 Seconds 'til The End 0:20

Bitrate: 320
File Size : 94 Mb
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The Barnburners with Big Harmonica Bob - Workin' Overtime (2002)

Big Harmonica Bob — Autor renovcevic @ 02:59

Big Harmonica Bob is a professional Blues Harp Player from Long Beach California. Bob has his own Independent Label called "Big Blues Dog Productions". His original songs are played Worldwide on Blues Radio Shows. His band plays regularly at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach, Martini Blues, and other Blues Venues in So. Cal. Bob recently played at "The Legendary Buffalo Chip" in Sturgis South Dakota Big Harmonica Bob is the Real Deal. He has been at this a long time, playing The Blues with the Famous and The Infamous!


This CD has that good-time live feel. It makes you want to get your favorite drink, close your eyes and be transported to the blues club and enjoy the show. Big Harmonica Bob hammers out some smokin' harp, and The Barnburners have one hell of a guitar player.... Ed Blue Note Taska....this guy is a guitar playing machine. If you like being right there with the rest of the crowd, a headless beer on the table, your shoe partially stuck to the floor and a chain-smoking waitress that doesn't seem to be able to leave her barstool - you might just check into Hotel Happiness with The Barnburners CD.


Track List

1. A Letter To My Girlfriend

2. Travelin' South

3. Killin' Floor

4. Personal Manager

5. I Ain't Drunk

6. Let Me Love You Baby

7. Leave My Little Girl Alone!

8. Just A Little Bit

9. Crosscut Saw

10. Let The Good Times Roll

11. Messin' With The Kid


Cbr @320

PART1: 52Mb

PART2 : 34,8

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