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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Peace Of Mind (1990)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 10:20

01.I Want To Shout About It 03:32
02.I Wish You Could See Me Now 03:35
03.Peace Of Mind 05:24
04.T-Bone Boogie 03:49
05.Wayne's Blues 05:33
06.Bonehead Too 03:13
07.More Than I Deserve 03:57
08.Can't Keep From Crying 03:40
09.I Cried My Eyes Out 02:52
10.No Use Crying 04:49
11.Stickin' 03:44
12.Wayward Angel 04:05

Ronnie Earl - Guitar
Per Hanson - Drums
Dave Maxwell - Piano
Greg Piccolo - Tenor Sax
Doug James - Baritone Sax
Tony Z - organ
Steve Gomez - Bass

special guest:
Darrell Nulisch -Vocals & Harmonica

Ronnie Earl - I Like It When It Rains

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 10:13



Track List
1. Ridin' With Ronnie
2. Linda
3. Midnight Clothes
4. Mutcika
5. I Like It When It Rains
6. Hump
7. Hangover
8. Just Pickin'
9. Walkin' and Cryin'
10. Down on Guadalupe
11. Anna Lee
12. Sitting on Top of the World
13. Blues for Jimmie & Jesse





Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters - Ronnie Earl Play Big Blues (1997) compilation

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:55



01.I Want To Shout About It
02.Bonehead Too
03.Peace Of Mind
04.Off The Hool
05.Ronnie Johnnie
06.I Smell Trouble
07.Blind Love
08.I Wish You Could See Me Now
10.Ships Passing In The Night









Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters - Surrounded by Love ' (1991)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:52



MP3 VBR V0 91,5 Mb | 3% r/i | RIP: CD

01. One of These Mornings
02. AKOS
03. Mr. Downchild
04. Off the Hook
05. That's When My Soul Comes Down
06. Blind Love
07. Improvisation on Annie's Boogie
08. Jelly, Jelly
09. Kathy's Theme
10. Surrounded by Love
11. Georgia
12. Blues for Robert Junior

Pass: mpr

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Test of Time (1992)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:48

Track List:
1. Ronnie Johnnie
2. I Smell Trouble
3. Ridin' In The Moonlight
4. Baby Doll Blues
5. You Give Me Nothing But The Blues
6. Narcolepsy
7. Waitin' For My Chance
8. Soul Searchin'
9. Backstroke
10. Ships Passing In The Night
11. I Want You To Shout About It
12. I Wish You Could See Me Now
13. I Cried My Eyes Out
14. T-Bone Boogie
15. A Soul's That's Been Abused
16. One Of These Mornings
17. Off The Hook
18. AKOS

Label: Black Top Records
Year: 1992
Genre: Blues
Tracks: 18
Format: mp3, Bitrate: @ CBR 320
Size: 77 MB + 83 MB


Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Still River (1994)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:45

November 22, 1993 | Original Release Date: 1994 | Audioquest | ASIN: B000003HKH

This particular version of the Broadcasters was unarguably magical, and this recording reveals why. Recorded four years after Earl dealt with his demons (alcohol, drugs, nervous collapse), it is the first of a string of all-instrumental albums by Earl, and it drips with class and soul. It's not just the exceptional skill of the players, however, that makes it so special; it was recorded on one of a handful of audiophile labels (AudioQuest), and therefore features state-of-the-art production. From the ringing opening chords of Magic Sam's "Blues for the West Side" to the beautiful acoustic guitar/piano duet of "Derek's Peace," Still River is thoroughly enjoyable. "Kansas City Monarch" is slow and sweet, featuring Bruce Katz tearing up the low notes, a nice sax solo by Anders Gaardmand, and some great double-string work by Earl. There is a moody version of John Coltrane's "Equinox" and a bog-dwelling rouser written by the entire band called "Chili Ba Hugh." You'll also like the greasy Hammond B3 organ on "Soul Serenade." A tempo change three minutes into the song suddenly finds the listener "getting religion" and tempted to yell "Amen!." Earl's own "Rego Park Blues" also showcases some nice B3 and finds Earl in the place where he shines the brightest, delicately coaxing a hushed solo from his Strat. Although not as jazzy as Earl's subsequent efforts, Still River sows the seeds that sprouted a few years later with Language of the Soul and with the albums that followed.

1. Blues For The West Side
2. Time To Remember
3. Kansas City Monarch
4. Szeren
5. Soul Serenade
6. Equinox
7. Chili Ba Hugh
8. Eyes That Smile
9. Wednesday Night At The Bull
10. Rego Park Blues
11. Derek's Peace

Ted Drozdowski Liner Notes
Marc Norberg Photography
Merlin Clarke Art Direction, Design
Michael C. Ross Engineer
Hillary Weiss Art Direction, Design
Jacques Chenet Photography
Bruce Katz Organ, Piano, Horn Arrangements, Main Performer
Rod Carey Bass, Main Performer
Laurence Etkin Trumpet
Anders Gaardmand Saxophone
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Per Hanson Drums, Main Performer
Joe Harley Producer
Fred Kevorkian Assistant Engineer
Ronnie Earl Guitar, Main Performer


Ronnie Earl - Hope Radio

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:41



01. Eddie's Gospel Groove
02. Bobby's Bop
03. Blues For the West Side
04. I Am With You
05. Katrina Blues
06. Wolf Dance
07. Kay My Dear
08. Blues For the Homeless
09. Beautiful Child
10. Blues For Otis Rush
11. New Gospel Tune








Ronnie Earl - Soul Searchin'

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:38


Track Listing

1.: Backstroke
2.: Ships Passing in the Night
3.: You're the One
4.: Soul Searchin'
5.: It's My Soul
6.: Evening Sun
7.: Jerry Jumps in
8.: After All
9.: I Don't Believe
10.: Blues for Bone
11.: Sufferin'

Bitrate : 192 k/s
Total Size : 59.4 MB


Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Grateful Heart (1996)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:33


Artist: Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Album: Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads
Label: Bullseye Blues
Year: 1996
Genre: Blues
Tracks: 12
Total Time: 76:18
Format: mp3, Bitrate: @ CBR 320
File Size: 84 MB + 89 MB

About the Album:
On this outing, Grateful Heart: Blues and Ballads, he surrounds himself with an excellent quartet of players with David "Fathead" Newman on tenor sax, Per Hanson on drums, Rod Carey on bass, and Bruce Katz on keyboards, and the results are simply sublime. Instead of a bunch of Chicago retreads, we are treated to a heady mixture of blues, jazz, soul, swing, you name it, all of it infused with taste, tone and economy. When Earl burns, the results are jaw dropping; when he slows it down, his choice of notes is exquisite. "Welcome Home," "Still Soul Searching," "Drown in My Own Tears" and "Skyman (For Duane Allman)" are just a few of the highlights, but there really isn't a wasted note on this record to be found. Anywhere. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

Track List:
1. Alabama
2. Ice Cream Man
3. Drown In My Own Tears
4. Still Soul Searching
5. Skyman (For Duane)
6. Welcome Home
7. For Abby
8. Isabella
9. Little Flower
10. Soundcheck
11. Mr. B.K.
12. Song For A Sun

Ronnie Earl (guitar)
Bruce Katz (piano, B3 organ)
Rod Carey (bass)
Per Hanson (drums)
David "Fathead" Newman (tenor saxophone)


Ronnie Earl - I Feel Like Goin' On (2003)

Ronnie Earl — Autor renovcevic @ 09:26



Bitrate: @ CBR 320

About the Album:
Guitarist Ronnie Earl recorded the majority of the instrumental release I Feel Like Goin' On live in the studio with no overdubbing. As one of the best contemporary blues guitarists around, Earl naturally shows off his prowess on these 11 cuts, with sturdy assistance from Dave Limina on piano/organ, Jimmy Mouradian on bass, Lorne Entress on drums, and special guest guitarist Josй Alvares. On the whole, I Feel Like Goin' On is tight, passionate, and gritty, especially on the soul-blues of "Hey Josй," "Blues for Otis Rush," "Howlin' for My Darlin'," and "Travelin' Heavy." While the majority of the album is uptempo, Earl does slow down the pace on the beautiful ballad "Donna" and the traditional gospel-flavored "Mary Don't You Weep," featuring the only vocal appearance on the disc, by the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers. ~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide

Track List:
1. Hey Jose
2. Blues For Otis Rush
3. Little Johnny Lee
4. Wolf Dance
5. Mary Don't You Weep
6. Howlin' For My Darlin'
7. River Charles Blues
8. Big Walter
9. Alone With The Blues
10. Travelin' Heavy
11. Donna

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