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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Joe Bonamassa - The Ballad Of John Henry 2009 (CBR 320 kbit/s)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 05:21


Artist...............: Joe Bonamassa
Album.............: The Ballad Of John Henry
Genre..............: Rock
Source.............: CD
Year................: 2009
Ripper.............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-308B
Codec.............: LAME 3.97
Version............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality.............: Insane, (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
Channels.........: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags..............: , ID3 v2.3
Ripped by.......: pparadiso on 21.2.2009
Included...........: NFO
Covers.............: Front Back CD


01. The Ballad Of John Henry
02. Stop!
03. Last Kiss
04. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
05. Story Of A Quarryman
06. Lonesome Road Blues
07. Happier Times
08. Feelin' Good
09. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
10. The Great Flood
11. From The Valley
12. As The Crow Flies

Playing Time.........: 01:04:29
Total Size...........: 132.03 MB



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Joe Bonamassa - Black Rock (2010) 320 kbps

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 03:11


01 - Steal Your Heart Away
02 - I Know A Place
03 - When The Fire Hits The Sea
04 - Quarryman's Lament
05 - Spanish Boots
06 - Bird On A Wire
07 - Three Times A Fool
08 - Night Life
09 - Wandering Earth
10 - Look Over Yonders Wall
11 - Athens To Athens
12 - Blue And Evil
13 - Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind



ili (OR)


Joe Bonamassa - A Bridge Of Blues (2007)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 01:11

  1. You Upset Me Baby
  2. Walk In My Shadows
  3. Travellin' South
  4. Lie #1
  5. Bridge To Better Days
  6. Junction 61
  7. A New Day Yesterday
  8. Long Distance Blues
  9. Unbroken
  10. Man Of Many Words
  11. Takin' The Hit
  12. Faux Mantini
  13. I Don't Live Anywhere
  14. Don't Burn Down That Bridge
  15. When The Sun Goes Down
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Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Yesterday (2000)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 02:06


Album Details

Title: A New Day Yesterday
Artist: Joe Bonamassa
Label: Mascot-Provogue BV
Released: October 24, 2000
Genre: Rock

1. Cradle Rock
2. Walk in My Shadows
3. A A New Day Yesterday
4. I Know Where I Belong
5. Miss You, Hate You [Rock Radio Remix]
6. Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For a Woman Like You)
7. Colour and Shape
8. Headaches to Heartbreaks
9. Trouble Waiting
10. If Heartaches Were Nickels
11. Current Situation
12. Don't Burn Down That Bridge
13. Miss You, Hate You [Original Full Length Version]

Named after the early Jethro Tull classic, which he expertly covers here in a jaw-dropping performance, A New Day Yesterday is a fine debut by guitar ace Joe Bonamassa. And though his record company tried to ride the coattails of teenage guitar prodigies like Kenny Wayne Shepard and Jonny Lang and position him (misguidedly and much too late) as a straight-up prodigal blues kid, Bonamassa is really much more than a traditional bluesman. Rather, as best exemplified by the Jethro Tull number cited above, his bluesy take on Free's "Walk in My Shadows," or his hard boogie romp through Al Kooper's "Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For a Woman Like You)," this excellent debut places the guitarist's influences as much in classic '70s hard rock as in the blues. Along with his deceptively age-wearied vocals (he was only 22 at the time of this recording), this unusual combination translates into the aggressive, soulful crunch heard on Bonamassa's many original compositions. Among these, the jolting double whammy of "Miss You, Hate You" and "Colour and the Shape" (note the Anglicized spelling) are the most obvious standouts, but the guitarist also makes the Warren Haynes-penned "If Heartaches Were Nickels" his own with a tense, riveting performance. All in all, a promising debut.

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Joe Bonamassa - Live from Nowhere in Particular - 192 kbps

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 09:24


Joe Bonamassa will release a double CD-set entitled Live From Nowhere In
Particular on August 19, 2008. There is fire and fervor in the music and in the
persona of guitarist Joe Bonamassa and although his studio albums have been
nothing less than exceptional, thereÆs no better way than the live performance
atmosphere to demonstrate just how mesmerizing this amazing guitarist/vocalist
can actually be. He's truly a fiery vocalist as well, a trait that has a lot to
do with his popularity, and he belts out the lyrics with resolute passion and
vigor. He is a well-rounded musician in every way.

Anyone familiar with Joe Bonamassa knows the degree of respect and admiration he
has for the music of yesteryear, primarily blues and rock. His renditions of the
classics, such as Tull's "A New Day Yesterday", Yes' "Starship Trooper", and
Alvin Lee's "One Of These Days", adds smiles of approval to the faces of
attentive audiences the world over. It's a crucial key to his amazing talent:
fans feel that they are listening to one of their peers, someone who feels the
same passion for the music. He's similar to the best friend you had growing up,
the guy next door you'd drink beers with on Sunday afternoons while listening to
vinyl records. Perhaps without even realizing the music's classic relevance at
that time, you related to it in a personal and private way.

A trait that never ceases to surface in his live sets, Joe pays homage to his
idols and influences. He'll often throw a classic lick into a song, and it's
often done with the same passion, phrasing, and tone of the initial recording.
His influences are many; they are legion, one might say; from one end of the
rock spectrum to the other, blues as well. However, the honor he bestows upon
musicians of the past and present is a humble endeavor of appreciation,
additives to accentuate a style thatÆs original and creative on its own. It's
all Joe Bonamassa, and he's a tonal mastermind of the instrument. Nevertheless,
he likes to toss something into the mix every now and then, just to remind
listeners where it all came from. Live From Nowhere In Particular is all that
and more.

The barnstorming opener, "Bridge To Better Days", as well as the astounding
acoustic blues, "Woke Up Dreaming", are both exemplary of the originality that's
Joe Bonamassa, and of the passion he exerts in the live setting. He's incredibly
adept at both electric and acoustic guitar, and this live set authenticates
that. Covers of Free's "Walk in My Shadow", Paul Marshall's "So Many Roads",
and Warren Haynes' "If Heartaches Were Nickels" are brilliantly executed. The
Blues Foundation board member puts pure emotion and sincerity into the blues.
Listen to the little Beatles insert at the end of "If Heartaches Were Nickles."
It's merely one example of the fun he has with melodies, empowered by an
imagination that segues tastefully from one area into another.

"Woke Up Dreaming" is an absolute killer song. Those who have seen Joe perform
it live know it to be true. It's a mesmerizing and exhilarating jaunt amid
acoustic prowess and fingerboard dexterity, coerced along by raw passion and
unadulterated intensity. The eighteen minute voyage through "Django/Just Got
Paid" is a dreamy excursion through Guitar Paradise. Similar to a good movie
with a theme of mystery and intrigue, IÆll leave out the potpourri of influences
heard in this one as to not be the spoiler. ItÆs totally amazing. Utilizing an
adroit talent for slide and fretboard wizardry, Joe soars off in sonic mounts
and diving plummets in the ten minute ôIndia/Mountain Time.ö His performance is
incredibly beautiful and melodic throughout each and every divergent course and
alteration. He ends the set with an incredible combo cover of "A New Day
Yesterdayö and ôStarship Trooper".

I believe wholeheartedly that it takes a great band to complete a great
performance, and although Joe is phenomenal throughout, he once again has a
brilliant group of guys backing him up here. With Carmine Rojas on bass, Rick
Melick on keyboards, and Bogie Bowles on drums, Joe Bonamassa excels in Live
From Nowhere In Particular, proving heÆs one of the most exciting guitarists and
performers on the scene today. This is an excellent live album. 

Tracklist -
  • cd 1
    01. Bridge To Better Days 5:27
    02. Walk In My Shadows 5:15
    03. So Many Roads 6:09
    04. India / Mountain Time 10:17
    05. Another Kinda Love 3:47
    06. Sloe Gin 7:20
    07. One Of These Days 5:53
  • cd 2
    01. Ball Peen Hammer 4:23
    02. If Heartaches Were Nickels 4:08
    03. Woke Up Dreaming 7:59
    04. Django / Just Got Paid 17:53
    05. High Water Everywhere 4:48
    06. Asking Around For You 7:24
    07. A New Day Yesterday / StarshipTrooper / Wurm 7:51

ARTIST: Joe Bonamassa
ALBUM: Live From Nowhere In Particular
BITRATE: 192kbps avg
QUALITY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Provogue
SIZE: 143.78 megs
PLAYTIME: 1h 38min 34sec total



Joe Bonamassa - BBC Live Special (2008) - 192 kbps

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 08:59


Nothing more to say, a premium quality radio-rip.


01 Intro
02 Bridge To Better Days
03 So Many Roads
04 Chat
05 One Of These Days
06 Sloe Gin
07 Q&A Session
08 Woke Up Dreaming
09 You Upset Me Baby
10 Just Got Paid
11 Outro







@ 192k
78 MB

Joe Bonamassa - Milan, Italy 21.03.2007

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 14:34

Here's A Great Audience Recording Of "Joe Bonamassa" From His Recent Italian Tour


Joe Bonamassa
Transilvania, Milano, Italy
21st March 2007

Disc One:
Takin' the Hit
Walk in my Shadows
Blues Deluxe
Mountain Time
Bridge to Better Days
Burning Hell







Disc Two:
Miss You, Hate You
Wake up Dreaming
Just Got Paid
Dazed and Confused + Moby Dick
Starship Trooper
Asking Around For You


Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Yesterday – Live (2002)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 02:04

Album Details
Title: A New Day Yesterday Live
Artist: Joe Bonamassa
Label: Provogue
Released: January 1, 2002
Genre: Blues

1. Jam Intro
2. Cradle Rock
3. Steppin' Out/Rice Pudding
4. A A New Day Yesterday
5. Miss You, Hate You
6. Walk in My Shadows
7. I Know Where I Belong
8. Colour & Shape
9. Trouble Waiting
10. If Heartaches Were Nickels
11. Don't Burn Down That Bridge

Something of an odd release, A New Day Yesterday Live documents the final date of a 60-day jaunt during blues guitar prodigy Joe Bonamassa's 2001 tour in support of his major-label debut bearing the same title, and (this is the odd part), released just a few months earlier. Just why his record company felt the need for it, then, is up for grabs (more promotion...thinking Bonamassa's virtuosity came across stronger in a live setting...who knows?), but what's clear is that the young guitarist's trio lacked nothing in terms of on-stage presence and performing tightness as compared to what was heard on said studio album. Their kinetic reinventions of oft-overlooked '70s rock classics such as Free's "Walk in My Shadows" and Jethro Tull's "A New Day Yesterday" instantly distinguish Bonamassa from teenage blues competitors such as the overly Stevie Ray Vaughan-reliant Kenny Wayne Shepherd or the more purist (and technically less dazzling) Jonny Lang, and his better-conceived originals ("Colour & Shape," the wonderful "Miss You Hate You") stand up under any circumstance — but again, so what? Didn't listeners just buy their studio versions a few months ago? Yes, there's the additional benefit of extended jamming and incendiary guitar soloing to expand upon their themes, but suffice to say that this set need only be sought out by Bonamassa fanatics, or, in the event that they've yet to hear the studio version, first timers, too — why not?

Download-Link (Part 1):

Download-Link (Part 2):


Joe Bonamassa - Ft. Wayne, Indiana 12-21-01 (2002)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 02:02

Center Ft. Wayne, Indiana 12-21-01.

Download-Link (Part 1):

Download-Link (Part 2):


Joe Bonamassa - Live At The Cabooze (2002)

Joe Bonamassa — Autor renovcevic @ 02:00

Minneapolis, MN, USA (2002-10-11).

Download-Link (Part 1):

Download-Link (Part 2):


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