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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter (1969) - 320 kps

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 09:17





I'm Yours & I'm Hers (Johnny Winter) - 4:33
Be Careful With A Fool (Joe Josea, B.B. King) - 5:17
Dallas (Johnny Winter) - 2:48
Mean Mistreater (James Gordon) - 3:54
Leland Mississippi Blues (Johnny Winter) - 3:32
Good Morning Little School Girl - (Sonny Boy Williamson) - 2:45
When You Got A Good Friend (Robert Johnson) - 3:41
I'll Drown In My Tears (Henry Glover) - 4:46
Back Door Friend (Lightnin’ Hopkins, Stan Lewis) - 2:55
Country Girl* (B.B. King) - 3:08
Dallas* (Johnny Winter) - 3:37
Two Steps From The Blues (John Riley Brown, Deadric Malone) - 2:35

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Johnny Winter - 1977 Saint's And Sinners - 320 kps

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 09:11





  • Stone County
    Blinded by Love
    Thirty Days
    Stray Cat Blues
    Bad Luck Situation
    Rollin' Cross the Country
    Riot in Cell Block #9
    Hurtin' So Bad
    Bony Moronie
    Feedback on Highway 101
Encoded at 320 kps



Johnny Winter - 1971 Live And - 320 kps

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 09:06





  • Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
    It's My Own Fault
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Rock & Roll Medley: Great Balls of Fire/Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta
    Mean Town Blues
    Johnny B. Goode
Encoded at 320 kps



Johnny Winter - 1970 And - 320 kps

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 08:57



  • Guess I'll Go Away
    Ain't That a Kindness
    No Time to Live
    Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
    Am I Here?
    Look Up
    Prodigal Son
    On the Limb
    Let the Music Play
    Nothing Left
    Funky Music
Encoded at 320kps



JOHNNY WINTER - Walking By Myself (1992)

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 17:34



Recorded live - August 7TH 1977 at the Calderone Concert Hall New York.

01. E.Z. Rider
02. Walking By Myself
03. Mother Earth
04. Boney Maroney
05. Busted In Austin
06. Messing With The Kid
07. I Can't Make It By Myself
08. Johnny B. Goode
09. It's All Over Now
10. Jumping Jack Flash



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JOHNNY WINTER - Still Alive And Well (1973)

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 09:45

This CD is never mentioned in all of those "top 100" collections in major magazines, but this is what it's ALL about! Only a man with the blues in his veins can turn it into hard rock like this. And there's a couple of good country tracks, bitchin' Stones covers, "Too Much Secanol" features Winter on a National Guitar, and his cover of Lucille is funky and nasty.

01. Rock Me Baby
02. Can't You Feel It
03. Cheap Tequila
04. All Tore Down
05. Rock & Roll
06. Silver Train
07. Ain't Nothing To Me
08. Still Alive & Well
09. Too Much Seconal
10. Let It Bleed
11. Lucille
12. From A Buick Six




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JOHNNY WINTER - John Dawson Winter III (1974)

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 23:06

01. Rock & Roll People
02. Golden Olden Days Of Rock & Roll
03. Self Destructive Blues
04. Raised On Rock
05. Stranger
06. Mind Over Matter
07. Roll With Me
08. Love Song To Me
09. Pick Up On My Mojo
10. Lay Down Your Sorrows
11. Sweet Papa John











Johnny Winter Second Winter

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 14:26


Artist: Johnny Winter
Title: Second Winter
Date: 1969
Label: Columbia Records KCS 9947
Album Design: Tony Lane
Photographs: Richard Avedon
Spiritual Producer: Steve Paul

Memory Pain
I'm Not Sure
Good Love
Slippin' and Slidin'
Miss Ann
Johnny B. Goode
Highway 61 Revisited
I Love Everybody
Hustled Down in Texas
I Hate Everybody
Fast Life Rider
Early In The Morning
Tell Me The Truth
Help Me [Live][#]
Johnny B. Goode [Live]
Mama Talk to Your Daughter [Live]
It's My Own Fault [Live]
Black Cat Bone [Live]
Mean Town Blues [Live]
Tobacco Road [Live]
Frankenstein [Live]
Tell the Truth [Live]

Line Up:
Johnny Winter: vocals, guitar, mandol
Edgar Winter: piano, organ, harpsichord, alto sax
"Uncle" John Turner: percussion
Tommy Shannon: bass

Encoded at 320 kps

Johnny Winter - Hey, Where's Your Brother? (1992)

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 22:46

On the classic 1972 live album Roadwork, Edgar Winter immortalized the words, when introducing brother Johnny: "Everybody asks me...where's your brother?" It's a question that fans have besieged both Winters with for over two decades, and now Johnny gets a chance to return the tribute with his latest. Edgar does in fact guest on the sessions, blowing sax and tinkling keys on a few tracks, and dueting with big bro on a superb, seasonal rendition of "Please Come Home for Christmas." ~ Roch Parisien, All Music Guide

Maybe it's because they look almost exactly alike--and it's a look you're not likely to forget--but more than any other pair of brothers in rock & roll, Johnny and Edgar Winter will always be thought of as a duo, despite the fact that they really don't play together very much. Johnny's a straight-up bluesman, after all, a white-hot guitarist with roots in the Texas soul of T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. Little brother Edgar, a keyboard and saxophone prodigy, has more eclectic tastes, with his own albums ranging from jazz-tinged instrumental funk to space-prog epics.

The joke is that even on 1992's HEY, WHERE'S YOUR BROTHER--a phrase both of them must hear a dozen times a day--Edgar only joins his big brother on a few tracks, a soulful rendition of Charles Brown's blues classic "Please Come Home for Christmas" being a clear highlight. Another treat is the sassy "You Must Have a Twin," one of the non-twins' few co-written songs. The whole album bristles with good humor and genial attitude, making it one of the most enjoyable items in either brother's catalogue.

Recorded at Streeterville Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois between May & July 1992.

Track Listing
1. Johnny Guitar 3:26
2. She Likes to Boogie Real Low 3:14
3. White Line Blues 4:44
4. Please Come Home for Christmas 4:36
5. Hard Way 3:58
6. You Must Have a Twin 2:44
7. You Keep Sayin' That You're Leaving 5:22
8. Treat Me Like You Wanta 3:43
9. Sick and Tired 3:37
10. Blues This Bad 3:36
11. No More Doggin' 3:33
12. Check Out Her Mama 4:01
13. I Got My Brand on You 5:27
14. One Step Forward (Two Steps Back) 2:28

Personnel: Johnny Winter (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Edgar Winter (vocals, saxophone, organ); Billy Branch (harmonica); Jeff Ganz (acoustic, fretless, 6- & 8-string electric basses); Tom Compton (drums, percussion).

JOHNNY WINTER: (1994) Dervish Blues (Tuff Bites)

Johnny Winter — Autor renovcevic @ 13:02

Johnny Winter - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Randy Jo Hobbs - Bass, Background Vocals
Richard Hughes - Drums
Floyd Radford – Guitar

01. Rock and Roll People [5:58] (John Lennon)
02. Sweet Papa John [11:29] (Johnny Winter)
03. Roll with Me [4:29] (Rick Derringer)
04. Boney Moroney [6:17] (Larry Williams)
05. Highway 61 Revisited [12:31] (Bob Dylan)
06. Jumping Jack Flash [5:03] (Johnny Winter)





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