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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Popa Chubby & Galea - Vicious Country - 2008

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 05:42


1 CD | Flac (Tracks), CUE, no Log | Cover | 400 Mb
Genre: Blues, Rock'n Roll | Label: Dixiefrog

01. Race With The Devil
02. Six Days On The Road
03. Baby You Don’t Care
04. Satan Is Real - Straight To Hell
05. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
06. I’ll Fly Away / I Shall Not Be Moved
07. Mona Lisa Tattoo
08. Break Me Down
09. Sleepwalk
10. Start All Over Again
11. Sam Lay’s Pistol
12. Harper Valley P.T.A.
13. Act Naturally

Pass : pichu


Popa Chubby - How'd A White Boy Get The Blues (2001)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:10




01.Carrying On The Torch Of The Blues
02.Time Is Killing Me
03.Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen
04.Black Hearted Woman
05.Savin' My Love Up For My Lover
06.No Comfort
07.It's A Sad Day In New York City When There Ain't No Room For The Blu
08.Goin' Down To Willie's
09.Since I Lost My Leg
10.How'd A White Boy Get The Blues

pw - awangarda

Popa Chubby - Deliveries After Dark - 2008

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 00:40


MP3 | VBR~200Kbps | 96MB | Genre: Blues

1. Let the Music Set You Free
2. Sally Likes To Run
3. Deliveries After Dark
4. Theme From The Godfather
5. Grown Man Crying Blues
6. You Can’t Stop Love
7. I’ll Piss On Your Grave
8. Man Of the Blues
9. Money Isn’t Everything (It’s the Only Thing)
10. 2nd Avenue Shuffle
11. You Never Loved Me
12. Woman In My Bed Dub
13. Oh Rock And Roll You Heartless Bitch

pass: barcelona67



Popa Chubby - 4 albums (Lossless)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 23:15


Popa Chubby - Black Coffee Blues Band (2002)
Popa Chubby - Flashed Back (2001)
Popa Chubby - Presents New York City Blues Again (2001)
Popa Chubby - Wild Live! (2005)

EAC, APE, CUE, Covers | ~1,9 Gb
Rock, Blues Rock
Born Ted Horowitz, Popa Chubby is a true native son of the Big Apple. He was born in 1960 in the Bronx and grew up in a neighborhood made famous by Robert DeNiro in the movie A Bronx Tale. His parents owned a candy store on the corner of 181st Street and Arthur Avenue. His early memories of hearing the juke box playing the hits of early sixties soul and R&B – and the neighborhood teens flocking around it – made a lasting impression on him. To this day the musical influence of Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye are ever present in Popa’s music.

Popa Chubby - The Official Site: _

Popa Chubby - Black Coffee Blues Band (2002)
01. Messin’ With The Kid
02. Motorcycle Mama
03. I Can Tell
04. Seventh Son
05. See See Rider
06. That’s What Love Does
07. Cocaine Blues
08. Bumblebee
09. Slip Away
10. Boppin’ The Blues
11. Blow Wind Blow





Popa Chubby - Flashed Back (2001)
01. Fire
02. Spooky
03. And The Beat Goes On
04. Somethin’ Else
05. Gloria
06. Hey, Joe
07. Hip Hug Her
08. We Gotta Get Out of This Place
09. Low Rider
10. These Boots Are Made For Walking
11. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
12. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
13. Walk, Don’t Run





Popa Chubby - Presents New York City Blues Again (2001)
01. My Last Cigarette
02. Never Make A Move Too Soon
03. Shelter From The Storm
04. Junkie For Your Love
05. Fishnet Stockings and a Long Pair Of Legs
06. Lookey Here
07. Yo Tengo Blues
08. Dancin’ Chickens
09. Take Off
10. When You Got A Good Friend
11. Anna Lee
12. Mary Lou
13. Red House
14. Surf
15. Dirty Lie (Live)



Popa Chubby - Wild Live! (2005)
01. Un-American Blues
02. I Can’t See The Light Of Day
03. Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Sleep At Night
04. Young Men
05. Life Is a Beatdown
06. Dirty Lie
07. If The Diesel Don’t Get You Then The Jet Fuel Will
08. Backdoor Man
09. Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
10. Halleluja

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6



2006 Popa Chubby - Electric Chubbyland

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 09:53


Why Play Hendrix? "Good Question" says Popa from his secluded home studio nestled in the hills of the Hudson Valley. "In 1996 I got a call from a Dutch promoter asking me to be part of a Jimi Hendrix music festival. Several other guitar players were on the bill including Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Walter Trout, Omar Dykes and others. We did 8 shows, it was a lot of fun, and then we went our separate ways. Over the next several years I was slammed with fan requests to play and record Hendrix. In 2005 another call came to tour in Holland doing Jimi's music and I could not resist. This time the demand and the response was even greater than in '96. It was the blues and rock thing coming together like never before. In 2006 I bit at the ring and decided to record the project at a club in Middletown New York. Electric Chubbyland was born."

Disc: 1

01. Intro
02. Spanish Castle Magic
03. Foxy Lady
04. Catfish Blues
05. Wind Cries Mary
06. Purple Haze
07. Can You See Me
08. Remember
09. Third Stone From The Sun

Disc: 2
01. Intro
02. Come On
03. Red House
04. Who Knows
05. Hey Joe
06. Little Wing
07. Voodoo Chile

Disc: 3
01. Manic Depression
02. Up From The Skies
03. I Don't Live Today
04. Isabella
05. Burning Of The Midnight Light
06. Highway Chile
07. Bold As Love
08. San Catri



Popa Chubby - Presents New York City Blues Again (2005)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:30



1. My Last Cigarette
2. Never Make A Move Too Soon
3. Shelter From The Storm
4. Junkie For Your Love
5. Fishnet Stockings And A Long Pair Of Legs
6. Lookey Here
7. Yo Tengo Blues
8. Dancin' Chickens
9. Take Off
10. When You Got A Good Friend
11. Anna Lee
12. Mary Lou
13. Red House
14. Surf
15. Dirty Lie (Live Version)

Password: awangarda

Popa Chubby - Gas Money (1993)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:28



1. Show Me
2. Every Girl I See
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. Rain On My Mind
5. Wall-Eyed Woman
6. Don't Look Back
7. San Catri
8. Workin' Class Blues
9. Lookin' For One Kiss
10. Mind Yo' Stuff






Password: awangarda

Popa Chubby - Hit The High Hard One (Live) (1996)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:26



01.Heart Attack and Vine
02.Caffeine and Nicotine
03.Long Distance Pain
04.Size 13
05.What's So Great About Rock and Roll
06.Stoop Down Baby
07.Trail of Tears
09.Sweet Goddess of Love and Beer
10.San Catri
11.Wild Thing




Password: awangarda

Popa Chubby - The First Cuts (1996)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:23



1. I Can't Stand It Baby
2. I Love Your Shoes
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. Mind You' Stuff'
5. Money
6. Fell My Eyes On You
7. Let The Jam Begin
8. Lipservice
9. Every Girl I See
10. Working Class Blues
11. Show Me
12. Stoop Down Baby
13. Handyman
14. San Catri
15. Lookin' For One Kiss
16. Rain On My Mind



 Password: awangarda

Popa Chubby - Brooklyn Basement Blues (1998)

Popa Chubby — Autor renovcevic @ 22:22



01. Shakedown
02. If It Feels Like Love
03. Rats Get Whacked
04. She Said That Evil Was Her Name
05. Transformation
06. Arlita
07. White Devil
08. The Wind Cries Mary
09. Meat Helmet
10. I've Been Loving You Too Long
11. You Can't Keep A Brother Down 



 Password: awangarda

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