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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Geoff Muldaur - Is Having A Wonderful Time

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:59

Year: 1975
Label: Reprise

I uploaded this a while ago but forgot to post it. The cover image is from the Japanese CD import but this version is from the original vinyl.

1 Livin' in the Sunlight - Lewis, Sherman - 2:55
2 Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You - Razaf, Redman - 3:49
3 99 1/2 - Coates - 3:50
4 I Want to Be a Sailor / Why Should I Love You? - Denham, Rozsa - 10:30
5 Higher and Higher - Jackson, Miner, Smith - 3:40
6 Wondering Why - Carner, Saunders - 3:05
7 Jailbird Love Song - Vinson - 3:56
8 High Blood Pressure - Smith, Vincent - 3:22
9 Tennessee Blues - Charles - 3:33

Credits (wow!):
Kenny Berger Clarinet
Gus Bivona Clarinet (Bass)
Patti Bone Piano, Keyboards
James Booker Organ, Keyboards
Turner Stephen Bruton Guitar, Vocals
Billy Butler Guitar
Don Butterfield Tuba
John Cale Violin
Capitol City Stars Vocals
Benny Carter Arranger
Ron Carter Bass
Doc Cheatham Trumpet
John Clark Horn, French Horn
Eddie Daniels Flute
George Dorsey Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
Cornell Dupree Guitar
Joe Farrell Organ, Oboe
Amos Garrett Guitar, Arranger, Harmony Vocals
Peter Gordon Horn, French Horn
Herschel Holder Trumpet
Paul Humphrey Drums
Quentin Jackson Trombone
Gerald Jemmott Bass
Howard Johnson Sax (Alto)
Taft Jordan Trumpet
Bill Keith Guitar (Steel)
Lionel Kingham Saxophone
Densil Lang Percussion, Vocals
Eddie Locke Drums
Graham Lyons Bassoon
Earl McIntyre Trombone (Bass)
Benny Morton Trombone
Geoff Muldaur Guitar, Celeste, Keyboards, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Jenni Muldaur Vocals
Maria Muldaur Fiddle, Violin, Vocals
Jimmy Nottingham Trumpet
Paul Owens Vocals
Chris Parker Drums
Romeo Penque Clarinet
Seldon Powell Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
Greg Prestopino Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Russell Procope Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie Drums
Billy Rich Bass
Fritz Richmond Vocals, Jug
Merl Saunders Organ, Keyboards
Jimmy Shirley Banjo
Bob Siggins Banjo
David Simon Harmonica, Vocals
Lloyd Smith Saxophone
Lew Soloff Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horn
Richard Thompson Guitar
Harold Vick Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
Frank Wess Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
Bob Wilber Wind
Bob Wilbur Clarinet, Sax (Soprano)
Charles Williams Saxophone

my rip (vinyl, cleaned) | mp3 >192kbps vbr | w/ cover | 61mb

Geoff Muldaur - Password

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:53

Year: 2000
Label: Hightone

Review by Chris Nickson

Geoff Muldaur's 1998 "comeback" album, Secret Handshake, was an undiluted delight, raising great hopes for this. And he certainly has the names to help him, talent like David Lindley, Wally Ingram, Dave Alvin, fiddler Richard Greene, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and even trombonist Roswell Rudd. The songs themselves are a mix of classics like Sleepy John Estes' "Drop Down Mama," Charley Patton's "Some of These Days (I'll Be Gone)," and the standard "Prairie Lullaby," among others, along with some Muldaur originals, including his continuation of "Got to Find Blind Lemon." In other words, all the elements that made his last disc so magical are in place. So why doesn't this work in quite the same way? It's a good question, and certainly not easily answered. Maybe it's the fact that Secret Handshake was so good, the expectations for this record were impossibly high -- and make no mistake, this is an excellent disc -- too high to achieve. Or maybe the extra magic that was there before just didn't arrive here. "Wait 'Til I Put on My Robe" is a prime example. Based around Van Dyke Parks' pump organ, with guitar from Alvin and harmonies from the McGarrigles, it's an offbeat arrangement, and lovely. But it never quite gels, as if it's trying too hard. Perhaps the best cut is a laid- back version of Eric Von Schmidt's "Light Rain"; in comparison, the country & western "Prairie Lullaby" with French horn, clarinet, and bassoon seems wilfully eccentric, as does the inclusion of "Beautiful Isle of Nowhere." It's good, but falls short of greatness. Still, good by Muldaur is superb by most people.

1 Kitchen Door Blues - Muldaur, Williama - 2:45
- Composed by: Muldaur, Williama
- Performed by: Wally Ingram, David Lindley
2 Drop Down Mama - Estes - 3:37
- Composed by: Estes
- Performed by: Dave Alvin, John Herron, Tim Emmons
3 At the Christmas Ball - Longshaw, Public Domain - 3:18
- Composed by: Longshaw, Public Domain
- Performed by: Bob Siggins, Fritz Richmond, Richard Greene
4 Wait Till I Put Down My Robe - Clay, Scott - 3:11
- Composed by: Clay, Scott
- Performed by: Dave Alvin, Greg Leisz, VanDyke Parks
5 Some of These Days (I'll Be Gone) - Patton - 4:07
- Composed by: Patton
- Performed by: Billy Watts, John Herron, Bill Rich
6 Mary of the Wild Moors - Public Domain - 3:42
- Composed by: Public Domain
- Performed by: Dave Alvin, Tim Emmons, Greg Leisz
7 Trouble Will Soon Be Over - Johnson, Traditional - 4:56
- Composed by: Johnson, Traditional
- Performed by: Billy Watts, Stephen Bruton, Bill Rich
8 Light Rain - VonSchmidt - 6:12
- Composed by: VonSchmidt
- Performed by: Alvin, DaveHerron, John, Bill Rich, Don Heffington
9 Prairie Lullaby - Hill - 4:50
- Composed by: Hill
- Performed by: Stephen Bruton, Sean Hopper, Richard Greene
10 K.C. Moan - Blackman - 4:40
- Composed by: Blackman
- Performed by: Leisz Greg, Fritz Richmond, Richard Greene
11 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere - Fearis, Pounds ... - 3:00
- Composed by: Fearis, Pounds, Public Domain
- Performed by: Richard Greene, Tony Strickland, Rufus Olivier,
12 Got to Find Blind Lemon, Pt. 2 - Muldaur - 4:04

not my rip | mp3 128kbps | w/ cover | 51mb

Geoff Muldaur "Blues Boy" (1979)

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:52


1. Nothing In The World
2. Walking To New Orleans
3. Bad Feet
4. Good Morning Little School Girl
5. Forty-Four
6. Beavah Feavah
7. That's All Right
8. Meanest Woman
9. Feelin' Good
10. Old Train 29


Geoff Muldaur Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Alto Sax, Banjo
Stephen Bruton Guitar
Sammy Creason Drums
Bill Rich Bass
Mike Utley Piano
Dennis Whitted Drums


Pierre GT Beauregard Harmonica
Peter Ecklund Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Horn Arr.
Sarah Brown Vocal on track 4
Steve Burdett Back Vocal
Cris Cioe Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax
Rich Dishman Drums
Amos Garrett Guitar
Whit Griswold Back Vocal
George Leh Back Vocal
Michael Melford Mandolin, Back Vocal, Producer

Vynil Rip

Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:49



Year: 1978
Label: Flying Fish

1 My Tears Came Rolling Down - Davis - 3:52
2 River's Invitation - Mayfield - 3:16
3 Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4 - Chopin - 2:38
4 Sloopy Drunk - Traditional - 3:15
5 Carolina Sunshine Girl - Rogers - 3:13
6 Washboard Blues - Callahan, Carmichael, Mills - 3:19
7 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Tchaikovsky - 1:36
8 Chicken Stew, Pt. 1 - Muldaur - 3:46
9 Dance of the Coloured Elves - Muldaur - 2:32
10 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere - Fearis, Pounds - 2:23

my rip (vinyl) | mp3 >192 vbr | with cover | 52mb


Geoff Muldaur - The Secret Handshake

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:44


1. The Wild Ox Moan (Hall, Tartt) - 4:45
2. This World Is Not My Home (Brumley) - 4:43
3. Alberta (Leadbelly) - 3:59
4. Got to Find Blind Lemon, Pt. 1 (Muldaur) - 4:08
5. I Believe I'll Go Back Home (Muldaur) - 5:04
6. Chevrolet/Big Alice (Young, Young) - 7:37
7. I Can't See Your Face (Davis) - 4:51
8. Mistreated Mama (Traditional) - 2:59
9. Someday Baby (Estes) - 3:40
10. Just a Little While to Stay Here (Brumley) - 4:09

Artist:Geoff Muldaur
Album:The Secret Handshake

Release Date:Nov 3, 1998
Styles:Contemporary Blues, Contemporary Folk
Size:63.6 Mb

Geoff & Maria Muldaur - Sweet Potatoes

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:37

1971 - Reprise Records

In the midst of leaving the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and beginning the juggernaut that would be the solo career of Maria Muldaur, the happily singing and swinging couple made several sides which made expert use of a loose-knit group of players who had grown into masters of the folk revival arts. At times the choice of material on this album is unfortunately lazy; "Havana Moon" was a song that not even Chuck Berry himself could complete without boredom setting in, and the efforts here don't pay off much better. At the same time, the players here really don't need much more than the most basic framework from which to jump off and they are hard at it, pushing the music forward with a sense of purpose that inevitably helped it earn its hard-fought respectability. As a whole, Sweet Potatoes is something of a masterwork, rich and revealing, possessing the contagious enthusiasm of young musicians finding a personal voice in the rich traditions of the past as well as the relaxed sophistication that develops when these players are no longer novices. The Geoff and Maria Muldaur combination, when it was working, was also very special, a challenging partnership that also was something of an inviting nucleus to the players with the talent to be drawn into the fold. This album contains some of the better playing of harmonica man Paul Butterfield, removed from the hyper-drive excess of his blues bands. "Kneein' Me" and "Cordelia" are among the song highlights. © Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

1.Blue Railroad Train by Alton Delmore
2.Havana Moon by Chuck Berry
3.Lazybones by Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer
4.Cordelia by Geoff Muldaur
5.Dardanella by F. Fisher, F. Bernard, J. Black
6.I'm Rich by Geoff Muldaur
7.Sweet Potatoes by Jeff Gutcheon
8.Kneein' Me by Geoff Muldaur
9.Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be) by R. Ramirez, J. Davis, J. Sherman
10.Hard Time Killin' Floor by Nehemiah James


Geoff Muldaur Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Luzan, Organ, Horns
Maria Muldaur Vocals, Tambourine
Amos Garrett Electric Guitar, Trombone, Vocal on track 3
Bill Keith Pedal Steel
Billy Mundi Drums, Luzan, Percussions
John Kahn Bass


Paul Butterfield Harmonica
Jeff Gutcheon Piano
Bobby Notkoff Violin
Trevor Lawrence Bariton Sax
Peter Ecklund Trumpet
Gene Dinwiddie Tenor Sax
Munc Blackburn Alto Sax
Junior Turlock Bass
Stu Brotman Bowed Bass, Bass Trombone
Billy Wolf Bass on track 10
Joe Boyd Producer on track 10

Geoff & Maria Muldaur - Pottery Pie

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:34


Year: 1971
Label: Hannibal

Review by Brian Beatty

The second of just two albums to be released by the easier-going American equivalent of Richard & Linda Thompson (without the brooding gloom and biting irony), this set includes some virtuoso folk-blues performances, as well as the version of "Brazil" made famous in Terry Gilliam's movie of the same name. Though the ten tunes here are all covers, Geoff & Maria Muldaur treat each as if molded from clay of their own making, just as they had old traditional numbers as members of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. It's probably no coincidence that this album would eventually find its way to Joe Boyd's Hannibal label. It's a collection that suggests the Richard & Linda Thompson albums he would release throughout the '70s. Unfortunately, Pottery Pie is only available on CD as a pricey, difficult-to-find import. For many fans, it will be more than worth the money and effort.

1 Catch It - VonSchmidt - 3:16
2 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Dylan - 3:54
3 New Orleans Hopscop Blues - Thomas - 2:44
4 Trails, Troubles, Tribulations - Traditional - 4:44
5 Prairie Lullabye - Hill - 4:49
6 Guide Me, O Great Jehovah - Traditional - 1:36
7 Me and My Chauffeur Blues - Memphis Minnie - 6:22
8 Brazil - Barroso, Russell - 3:28
9 Georgia on My Mind - Carmichael, Gorrell - 3:41
10 Death Letter Blues - House - 6:13

my rip | mp3 160+vbr | no cover | 51mb

Geoff Muldaur - Sleepy Man Blues

Geoff Muldaur — Autor renovcevic @ 20:24


Year: 1963
Label: Prestige

Great covers of Blind Willie Johnson's "The Rain Don't Fall on Me," and Bukka White's "Good Gin Blues," and Sleepy John Estes's "Drop Down Mama."

1 - Jelly Roll Baker - Johnson - 3:13
2 - The Rain Don' Fall on Me - Johnson - 3:50
3 - Sleepy Man Blues - White - 4:41
4 - This Morning She Was Gone - Jackson - 3:52
5 - I Have Had My Fun - 4:13
6 - Good Gin Blues - White - 3:32
7 - Motherless Chile Blues - Hicks - 3:10
8 - Georgia Skin Game - Peg Leg Howell - 3:54
9 - Aberdeen, Mississippi Blues - White - 3:13
10 - Trouble in Mind - Jones - 4:10
11 - Everybody Ought to Make a Change - Estes - 3:19
12 - Drop Down Mama - Estes - 3:19

my rip (vinyl) | mp3 192+kbps vbr | with cover | 69mb

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