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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Carey Bell - Heartaches and Pain

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 03:34


Legendary producer Ralph Bass supervised this quickie session back in 1977, but it failed to see the light of day domestically until Delmark rescued it from oblivion. They did the blues world a favor: it's a worthwhile session, Bell storming through a mostly original setlist (the omnipresent Little Walter cover this time is "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"). Aron Burton and Sam Lay comprise the rhythm section, and son Lurrie contributes lead guitar. Bill Dahl, All Music Guide

01. Carey Bell Rocks 3:27
02. Heartaches and Pain 5:42
03. One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky 3:31
04. Black Eyed Peas 4:51
05. So Hard To Leave You Alone 6:56
06. Stop That Train, Conductor 3:36
07. Everything's Gonna Be All Right 4:35
08. Capri Crash 4:36

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Lurrie Bell - Guitar(except:1&2)
Alabama Jr. Pettis - Guitar(except:4&7)
Bob Riedy - Piano
Aron Burton - Bass
Sam Lay - Drums
Recorded in Chicago, 1977;
Peoduced by Ralph Bass
Executive Producer: Robert G. Koester
® 1994 Delmark Records Lp666

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Covers: front, cd, back

Carey Bell - Last Night

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 14:35


Nothing flashy or outrageous here, just a meat-and-potatoes session produced by Al Smith that satisfyingly showcases Bell's charms. Once again, there are hearty tributes to Little Walter ("Last Night") and Muddy Waters ("She's 19 Years Old"), but there's some original stuff too, backed by a combo that boasted a daunting collective experience level: Taylor and Perkins return, along with bassist David Myers and drummer Willie "Big Eyes" Smith. Bill Dahl, AMG

01. Last Night (3:3Cool
02. Taking You Downtown (3:02)
03. Rosa, I Love Your Soul (3:31)
04. I'm Worried (3:2Cool
05. Cho' Cho' Blues (2:3Cool
06. Tomorrow Night (2:25)
07. She's 19 Years Old (2:44)
08. Leaving in the Morning (2:25)
09. Love Pretty Women (3:23)
10. Mean Mistreater (4:1Cool
11. Freda (2:10)
12. I Want to See You Tomorrow Night (2:5Cool

Carey Bell - Vocals & Harmonica
Eddie Taylor - Guitar
Pinetop Perkins - Keyboards
Dave Myers - Bass Guitar
Willie Smith - Drums

Recorded in Chicago, 1973;
for Bluesway Records
Produced by Al Smith
© 1995 One Way Records

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Carey Bell - Brought Up The Hard Way

Carey Bell — Autor renovcevic @ 14:11



© 1998

1.Strange Woman
2.Gladys Shuffle
3.Nineteen Years Old
4.I'm Going Upstairs
5.Brought up the Hard Way
6.It's Alright in the Dark
7.It's So Easy to Love You
9.Locked up So Long
10.Second Hand Man

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