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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Nighthawks - 1996 - Pain & Paradise

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:17


In 1995, joined by newest member, Pete Kaneras, the band went back to work at Big Mo Studio in Kensington, MD—working again with the production talents of Steuart Smith. The result was the album “Pain & Paradise,” a smooth sounding yet powerful showcase for their blues/rock band skills that ranks among their best studio recordings.

During these sessions The Nighthawks crossed paths at the studio with D.C. area guitar legend Danny Gatton. They had played with him on double bills many times over the years, and Gatton—the super lead player that he was—ironically sat in on rhythm guitar with The Nighthawks a few times.
There was the hope that Danny would be able to record a track or two with the band on this album, Schedules were not cooperating and so the band thought they would just work with Danny on the next album. In hindsight, this turned out to be a missed opportunity - with Gatton’s tragic suicide. In tribute to Danny, The Nighthawks did not include any rockabilly song on the album and dedicated the album to Danny.

Track Listing

1. Trouble Comin’ Every Day (Frank Zappa)
2. Shade Tree Mechanic (J. Shamwell/A. D. Prestage/W. Godbold)
3. Same Thing (Willie Dixon)
4. The Soul of a Man (P. Ragusa/S. Smith/G. Sutton)
5. High Temperature (Jacobs/Cohen)
6. Pain & Paradise (B. Hodge)
7. Is Love Enough (J. L. Williams/W. Raymond)
8. Trouble on the Way (T. Garland/Funzalo)
9. I Told You So (Pete Ragusa)
10. Snap It (P. Kanaras/S. Smith/P. Ragusa)

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Nighthawks - 1976 - Open All Nite

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:15



In 1975, the band went back into the studio to do their second album, this time a collection of all classic blues songs called “Open All Night.” They weren’t entirely happy with the initial results, so went back into the studio and re-did the album. It was released in early 1976 and was a bold move at the time disco was reigning supreme and blues was at an all time low. And they faced the challenge of doing this as a white boy blues band. The album featured a powerful mix of ensemble playing and received very favorable reviews. It also did several other important things for the band.

On record, the inclusion of the live cut of “Red Hot Mama” with Pinetop Perkins at the Cellar Door laid the groundwork for their “Jacks & Kings” albums to come. On the road, the album expanded their touring horizons—leading to regular gigs in Boston, New York and Atlanta. And in the overall music scene, the band was starting to lay the groundwork for other similar artists who would follow them in the early ‘80s—including the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Thorogood.

Track Listing
1. Nine Below Zero
2. Help Me
3. Shake Your Money Maker
4. Big Boss Man
5. Little By Little
6. Madison Blues
7. Next Time You See Me
8. That’s Alright
9. Long Distance Call
10. Red Hot Mama

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Nighthawks - 2002 - Live Tonite!

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:12



In commemoration of their 30th anniversary, in 2002 the band released “Live Tonight!,” a high energy compilation of live recordings from a number of shows at D.C. area venues in Maryland and Virginia. This album displays The Nighthawks accomplished on stage musical talents and is testimony to their continued vitality and relevance as one of the best live blues/rock bands going..

Track Listing

1. Up the Line/Mystery Train (W. Jacobs/H. Parker, S. Phillips)
2. Hush Hush (J. Reed)
3. Howlin’ for My Darlin’ (C. Burnett/W. Dixon)
4. Am I Losing You (F. Cate/E. Cate)
5. None of That Stuff (G. Wetzel)
6. Who’ll Be the Next One (C. Burnett)
7. Still a Fool (M. Morganfield)
8. Bogie Woogie Country Girl (D. Pomus/R Ashby)
9. Sugar Sweet (M. London)
10. Baby, Let’s Play House (A. Gunter)
11. Mean Old World (W. Jacobs)

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The Nighthawks - Live at The Psyche Delly & El Macombo

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:28


On February 29, 1976 shortly before “Open All Night” was released - the band played the Pysche Delly in Bethesda and the show was broadcast over WHFS. It was a hot show, featuring a variety of musical stylings that paid tribute to Elvis, Jr. Walker and the Temptations. The album races along with the great set that opens with “Jail House Rock” and “Hound Dog,” features versions of “Shake & Fingerpop,” “Whammer Jammer” and Little Feat’s “Tripe Face Boogie,” and closes with an extended version of “Shake Your Money Maker.” The band’s third album—“Live at the Psyche Delly” - was released late in 1976.

01. Intro: Josh 1:15
02. Jailhouse Rock 3:22
03. Hound Dog 1:55
04. Can't Get Next To You 3:20
05. Shake and Fingerpop 9:23
06. Whammer Jammer 2:19
07. Tripe Face Boogie 2:59
08. Nineteen Years Old 8:58
09. Shake Your Moneymaker 8:40
10. Intro 0:21
11. Ubangi Stomp 3:17
12. Mystery Dance 2:15
13. Boppin' The Blues 3:53
14. Talked To My Baby 5:38

Mark Wenner - Vocals & Harp
Jimmy Thackery - Vocals & Guitar
Jan Zukowski - Bass Guitar
Pete Ragusa - Drums

Recorded live at:
The Psyche Delly in Bethesda, Maryland, 1976
and at The El Macombo in Toronto, Canada, 1977.
Produced by The Nighthawks
© 1977Adelphi Records

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The Nighthawks - Jacks & Kings & Full House Vol 1 & 2

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:10




1.For You My Love
2.Come Baby
3.Love Me Or Leave Me
4.Dust My Broom
5.Sugar Mama (Thank You)
6.Sky Is Crying, The
7.Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
8.Floyd's Guitar Blues
9.Walkin' By Myself
10.Little Queenie
11.Born In Chicago
12.Anna Lee
13.Two Bugs And A Roach
14.Likin Gravy
15.Sea Cruise
16.Nervous Breakdown
17.Rockin The Boogie
18.After Hours
19.Mother-In-Law Blues
20.Gotta Get My Baby Back

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The Nighthawks - Best Of The Nighthawks

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 06:08




1.: Bring It On Home
2.: 9 Below Zero
3.: Shake And Finger Pop
4.: Madison Blues
5.: Red Hot Mama
6.: Can't Get Next To You
7: You Got To Move
8.: Little By Little
9.: Are You Lonely
10.: Claudette
11.: Ubangi Stomp
12.: Sea Cruise
13.: What A Girl Can't Do
14.: I Keep Cryin'
15.: Tramp On The Highway
16.: Fat Back Mam
17.: Tripe Face Boogie
18.: Slow Down
19.: Nervous Breakdown

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Total Size : 64 MB
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THE NIGHTHAWKS - Ten Years Live (1981) @VBR

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 05:17


1 Introduction/Metropolitan Avenue (6:12)
2 Guard Your Heart (3:07)
3 Push and Shove (3:50)
4 Jenny Lou (2:47)
5 Moving Up in Class (7:12)
6 If You Go (7:45)
7 Back Stabbing Woman (3:00)
8 Destination (3:28 )
9 No Secrets/Exit (6:59)
10 No Secrets (6:10)
11 Exit (:50)

Recorded at The Bayou, Washington, D.C., 1981.

Album credits:
Bill McCullough : Engineer
Pete Ragusa : Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Jan Zukowski : Bass, Vocals
Glenn "Boscoe" Kern : Engineer
Al Smith : Photography
Cerphe Colwell : Introduction
Carl Frost : Sound Production
Al Smith : Photography
Mark Wenner : Harmonica, Vocals, Liner Notes
Jimmy Thackery : Guitar, Vocals
John Gardner : Sound Production
Bob Ludwig : Mastering
The Nighthawks : Producer, Main Performer

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The Nighthawks - Rock 'n' Roll

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 05:15



Track listing

1. Red Hot Mama (Fine Little Mama)
2. Can't Get Next To You
3. Keep Cool
4. Bring It On Home
5. Tell The Truth
6. Stop Breakin' Down
7. Shake And Finger Pop
8. Bright Lights
9. Little Sister
10. Heat Wave
11. Memo From Turner
12. Teenage Nervous Breakdown

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The Nighthawks - Rock This House LIVE

The Nighthawks — Autor renovcevic @ 04:53



1. Rock This House
2. Cat Clothes On
3. I'm A Hog For You
4. I'll Go Crazy
5. Double Trouble
6. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
7. Nineteen Years Old
8. Can't Be Satisfied
9. Blind Love
10. Just A Little Bit
11. Honest I Do
12. Sixteen Tons 








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