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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

23 Mar, 2009

CREAM - Those Were The Days (1997)

Cream — Autor renovcevic @ 00:52


THOSE WERE THE DAYS is a four-disc set, the first half consisting of Cream's entire studio output and the last half featuring the band's concert performances.


Cream: Jack Bruce (vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, harmonica, piano, organ, bass); Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar); Ginger Baker (vocals, drums, percussion).


Additional personnel: George Harrison (guitar); Felix Pappalardi (viola, organ, trumpet, tonette, Swiss hand bells, piano, mellotron, bass).


01. Wrapping Paper
02. I Feel Free
03. N.S.U.
04. Sleepy Time Time
05. Dreaming
06. Sweet Wine
07. Spoonful
08. Cat's Squirrel
09. Four Until Late
10. Rollin' And Tumblin'
11. I'm So Glad
12. Toad
13. Lawdy Mama (previously unreleased, version 1)
14. Strange Brew
15. Sunshine Of Your Love
16. World Of Pain
17. Dance The Night Away
18. Blue Condition
19. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
20. Swlabr
21. We're Going Wrong
22. Outside Woman Blues
23. Take It Back
24. Mother's Lament

01. White Room
02. Sitting On Top Of The World
03. Passing he Time - (alternate take)
04. As You Said
05. Pressed Rat And Warthog
06. Politician
07. Those Were The Days
08. Born Under A Bad Sign
09. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
10. Anyone For Tennis
11. Badge
12. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
13. What A Bringdown
14. Coffee Song, The
15. Lawdy Mama - (version 2)
16. You Make Me Feel (previously unreleased, demo version)
17. We're Going Wrong (previously unreleased, demo version)
18. Hey Now Princess (previously unreleased, demo version)
19. Swlabr (previously unreleased, demo version)
20. Weird Of Hermiston (previously unreleased, demo version)
21. The Clearout (previously unreleased, demo version)
22. Falstaff Beer Commercial (previously unreleased)

01. N.S.U. (previously unreleased, unedited version)
02. Sleepy Time Time
03. Rollin' And Tumblin'
04. Crossroads
05. Spoonful
06. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
07. Sunshine Of Your Love
08. Sweet Wine

01. White Room
02. Politician
03. I'm So Gad
04. Sitting On Top Of The World
05. Stepping Out
06. Traintime
07. Toad (previously unreleased, extended version)
08. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
09. Sunshine Of Your Love (previously unreleased, from "the Glen Campbell Show")

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