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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

25 Sep, 2008

Crossroads (1986) Movie

Muzički filmovi (Musical Movies) — Autor renovcevic @ 13:45


Eugene Martone (Macchio) has a fascination for the blues while he studies classical guitar at the Juilliard School for performing arts in New York City. Researching blues and guitar music brings famed Robert Johnson's mythically creative acclaim to his attention; especially intriguing is the "missing song" that was lost, supposedly evermore, to the world.

In his quest to find this song, he discovers old newspaper archive clippings that, fortunately or not, the blues legend Willie Brown (Joe Seneca) is yet alive and incarcerated in a nearby minimum security hospital.

On a visit to meet this musical icon, Eugene gets thwarted by Willie who denies that he is that Willie Brown and doesn't have any idea what Eugene is saying. Undaunted and to get around the minimum security surrounding the old man, Eugene gets a job as an orderly so he can grill the old man as work time permits. Willie again protests and denies that he is the same Willie Brown for whom Eugene is looking.

Eugene then plays some blues guitar for Willie and he finally acknowledges that the Eugene can indeed play well, but with no soul. Willie then says he knows the missing Robert Johnson tune but refuses to give it to Eugene unless the boy busts him out of the facility and gets him to Mississippi. Eugene agrees and they head for Mississippi, but the boy soon realizes that Willie is constantly running minor scams such as claiming he has more money then he has to cover their bus tickets. With no money, they end up “hoboing” from Memphis to Mississippi.

During their quest, Eugene and Willie experience the blues legacy of Robert Johnson first-hand, taking part in an impromptu jam session at a roadhouse or "juke joint" as "Blind Dog" Willie puts it. Eugene is deeply impressed and his feelings of the authenticity of Willie being an old bluesman takes firm hold in his mind.

A romantic interest surfaces in the guise of a hitchhiker, Frances, (Jami Gertz) who follows them. She and Eugene end up sharing a tender moment in a hayloft. She soon thereafter becomes miffed at the mission at hand and leaves the two guys, so now Eugene gets a feel for the blues, playing on an old Fender Telecaster guitar and a Pignose. His style and mood is now totally altered and affirmed, making him really want to become a "blues-man" too.

They ultimately get to the crossroad and finally meet Ol' Scratch, the devil who probably bartered for and won Johnson's soul in exchange for the gift of his masterful guitar and musical style. Eugene then finds out that Willie Brown made a similar deal with Scratch back in his day. Now that he is an old man, Brown says he didn't get what he really wanted and is concerned the line on his soul will be up when he dies.

Not wanting to risk his young friend's soul, Willie forbids Eugene to get involved any further than he already is. In fact, Brown now confesses that there was no missing song for Eugene to learn but that he (Eugene) has proven himself far beyond what learning any blues song could ever teach him. Eugene wants to go for broke here and assuredly views himself as a savior to his friend Willie; just maybe he'll find the truth about Johnson's instant musical abilities once and for all.

Brown finally returns to the crossroads with Eugene in hope of breaking off the deal when he also bartered his soul. There, speaking out of turn, Eugene offers to try to win Brown's soul back in a head-cutting duel with any guitar player of the devil's choice. Scratch chooses Jack Butler (played by Steve Vai), a modern blues-metal man who has also sold his soul for musical abilities. After a blistering guitar duel, Eugene eventually manages to incorporate the classical training he received at Juilliard and wins the challenge.

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