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Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

Renovčević (Blues & Rock)

31 Maj, 2008

Cream - Goodbye Farewell (FLAC)

Cream — Autor renovcevic @ 08:34

New Haven Arena, 11th October 1968, plus
Rhode Island Auditorium, 4th November 1968 &
Royal Albert Hall, 26th November 1968
Remastered by Graeme Pattingale

Remasters CRM 1301/02

Recently it was brought to my attention that legendary Cream Remasters set, extremelly well done by Graeme Pattingale, the proprietor of Those Were The Days site, were always torrented INCOMPLETE on different torrent sites. By checking them, it turned out that four titles, total of six CDs were ommited from the original set. I got all discs directly from Graeme Pattingale, therefore my discs being master remaster discs.
To let you complete this essential set, here I will torrent the following missing titles together with the original comments of Graeme Pattingale and the complete artwork with the working notes:
The Lost Session: Disraeli Gears Demos - 1CD
Goodbye Albuquerque & Farewell Dallas - 2CD
Goodbye & Farewell - 2CD
Reunion: Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame - 1CD
For more details on the whole set, check here:

CD 1:
New Haven Arena, 11th October 1968
1. White Room
2. Politician
Rhode Island Auditorium, 4th November 1968
3. Spoonful
4. Toad

CD 2:
Royal Albert Hall, 26th November 1968
1. White Room
2. Politician
3. I’m So Glad
4. Sitting on Top of the World
5. Crossroads
6. Toad
7. Spoonful
8. Sunshine of Your Love
9. Stepping Out

"These are reasonable audience recordings. Only the first two songs were captured at New Haven which was a pity as it sounds like it was a good show. Only two songs were performed at the 2nd show at Rhode Island. It was there last US performance and, comparatively, a pretty strong one. Sound balance is generally good but the drums are overwhelmed by the stacks, as usual."

"Royal Albert Hall is the complete audience recording of the 2nd show. A version from the film soundtrack is around giving better quality audio but including commentary intrusions and some songs are incomplete (Toad, Spoonful) and Stepping Out not included. As an audience balance is reasonable with drums audible if not clear. Sitting on Top of the World and Crossroads are particularly strong with Spoonful benefiting from a short treatment. The release includes the audience version and the long-film soundtrack which has incomplete versions of some songs (Spoonful, Toad, Stepping Out)." Graeme Pattingale


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